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Deerhoof - Actually, You Can (Album Review)

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When David Byrne crossed his version of art rock to palatable, more easily consumed ‘80s post punk, he surely had sonic leftovers that were too melodically extreme to work with, to expand on, and produce. They weren't ready for our ears and over time, those lines meandered through voids until they landed in Deerhoof writing sessions. 


The seemingly sounding finger exercises for guitar are honed and doubled, portrayed in their latest single, ‘Department of Corrections’ from the band's latest release, Actually, You Can. A firm and positively-named album title for these darker, uncertain times, steeps the listener in Deerhoof's world of music born from art school canvasses rather than a suburban basement or car-hole. This is the furthest thing from your neighborhood bar band. This is music meant for a metropolitan gallery's grand opening, displaying the new wave of avant-garde up-and-comers.  Live sets bounce of white walls, jagged, and with rhythms reminiscent of the randomness of car horns.


The experimental nature suits the night, as the seriousness of the surrounded art can turn patrons' judgemental and critique-laden faces at ease with singer Satomi Matsuzaki's playful vocals and lo-fi bass duties. Greg Saunier provides the respectable drum lines and fills, playing less straight beats, but complimenting the angular and sporadically-noted dual guitar parts of John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez.


Though Deerhoof offers upbeat aural fixations, they counter the music with titles aptly named ‘Scarcity Is Manufactured’, ‘Plant Thief’ and ‘Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates Of Hell’; all of which pay homage to the San Francisco quartet's noise and punk roots, but still able to push into fresh and vibrantly green territory.  Rodriguez drew upon his personal struggle of identity between his Mexican heritage while identifying as an American. That struggle and tension is real, especially in the music. The duality between what was, what is known on the surface, and perceptions can create a unique listening experience with Actually, You Can, minus any heavy handedness, where its subtlety could be transmuted upon a gallery's grand opening white walls.





Lemon Twigs, Deerhoof, & Cass McCombs' fundraiser Album

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Cover Your Ass Vol. 1 will feature covers recorded by Speedy Ortiz, Hinds, Cass McCombs Band, Porches, TEEN, Palehound, The Lemon Twigs, Deerhoof, Cut Worms, Daddy Issues, (Sandy) Alex G, The Quilz, and Luke Temple. This first volume of The Cover Your Ass series is a tribute to the dedication shown by countless doctors and nurses who make real measurable differences in millions of people’s lives. As such, Lionfish Music has pledged to donate 100% of profits from this album to Planned Parenthood in these times of uncertainty.

Cover Your Ass Vol. 1 will officially release on Friday May 26 via Lionfish Music, serving as the first installment of charitable compilation cover albums. With excitement towards the release the Lionfish Music team explains, “The generosity of the bands and everyone who is working to help spread the word about this album has truly been a heartwarming and uplifting experience. There's still a lot of good in this world."

The goal of this series is simply to make a difference for a cause that we feel very strongly about: women's basic rights to reproductive freedom and affordable health care for those who need it. We need to start covering our own asses now. We need to organize and mobilize. It’s time to make a positive impact. Music is one of the most universal means of using one’s voice to embody beliefs, and it’s time for us all to speak up.

Follow Cover Your Ass here

Cover Your Ass Vol.1 is set to release on May 26th but the album is available for pre-order on iTunes now.


01. Deerhoof – "Fight the Power" (Public Enemy cover)

02. Hinds – "When It Comes To You" (Dead Ghosts cover)

03. Cut Worms – "Truly Julie's Blues" (Bob Lind cover)

04. The Lemon Twigs – "White Flag" (Dido cover)

05. Daddy Issues – "Boys of Summer" (Don Henley cover)

06. Speedy Ortiz – "Young Liars" (TV on the Radio cover)

07. Palehound – "Miss Independent" (Kelly Clarkson cover)

08. The Quilz – "Girl U Want" (DEVO cover)

09. Cass McCombs Band – "Yes We Can Can" (Pointer Sisters cover)

10. Porches – "Morpha Too" (Big Star cover)

11. (Sandy) Alex G – "Druglord Landlord" (Cold Foamers cover)

12. TEEN – "Boys Keep Swinging" (David Bowie cover)

13. Luke Temple – "Duchess" (Scott Walker cover) 

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