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King Satan Wants You To Worship

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Everyone knows that the devil has the best tunes and King Satan is proof that he loves to dance. If you’re searching for satanic electronic music, then your quest is at an end.

King Satan is an industrial metal band from Tampere, Finland founded at the end of 2015 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist King Aleister Satan. The band serves an eccentric and over-the-top style of harsh extreme metal which is heavily infused with different elements all the way from hard rock and death punk to aggrotech and electro-industrial.

The band gained international attention in the underground metal circles with powerful live performances, controversial music videos and genre-bending debut album King Fucking Satan (2017). The band’s outspoken attitude towards occult and spiritual anarchy results in unique blend of electro-metal which appears to be neither satire or philosophical sedition.

The band promoted their debut album with several festival shows and toured Finland & mainland Europe in 2018 supporting such acts as Pain, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Hocico, Turmion Kätilöt and Velvet Acid Christ and gained themselves reputation for being distinctive and energetic live band. The full band line-up; the Babylonian voice of keyboardist Katherine Boss and the powerful, demonic vocals of band’s mastermind King Aleister Satan delivers fierce soundscapes full of excessive synths and bass, electro beats, live drums and heavily distorted guitars that can be consumed both in dance floor and in a moshpit, and which most surely bows to nothing and to no one.

King Satan’s second full length album titled I Want You To Worship Satan (2019) was set to be released in November 22 by Inverse Records and which will be introduced to the world once again by singles with impudent music videos all written and directed by band’s King Aleister Satan himself. In his words, “Fuck the rest, Satan is best”.




Segmentia Go To Shanghai

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On December 20, 2012 at 20:12, friends Arttu and Jere waited for the end of the world at their mutual friend’s place. The evening changed to night, and then to the next day. At least the end of the world didn't come, so the two decided to set up a band. Initially, they would play cover songs from hip-hop to schlager, from pop to rock, and perform some gigs to study the art of playing together.

Suddenly it became clear that they would like to make their own music. The band's name was changed, bass players rotated, and the band's sound began to form. The current line-up stabilized at the beginning of 2019, with 10 written pieces in the pile. Segmentia relaesed their first song ‘Silver Lining’ in April followed quickly by ‘No Resistance’.

“The band is like a family. We share joys and sorrows together. These things are also meant to be shared with other people through music. We enjoy playing music, but also the friendship that we have formed. We believe that we will be able to convey our energy and our closeness through our music. Therefore, with our music, we want to give listeners a unique experience not only in terms of voice, but also visually. We hope that they can feel themselves to be part of our music.

We all stand 100.7% behind our band in composition, arrangement, production, and of course, performance. We've given it all, and we've noticed that all of us learn and share our experiences with our environments. Suitably, we are selfish and we live in a so-called “bubble” where this is the most important thing in our lives right now. We can best use our time to develop in each of our instruments and thus, develop as a band. That is why we have no limits on what kind of music we can do. Based on the tracks, the music could be described as a combination of seven musical styles/segments (pop, rock, punk, metal, soul, disco, hip-hop), but in short, it may be some symphonic, alternative pop rock flavored with electronic sounds. Everyone can call this pop metal. We sound differently from other bands so that we have our own, self-created sound that we call the “7egment” sound. It is present in our every song in larger or smaller ways so that the sound is like salt and pepper in food. And as food is a prerequisite for life, we cannot live without music.”

01. Ivory Tower

02. No Resistance

03. Silver Lining

04. Shanghai

05. Remedy

06. Dance



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