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Northern Genocide Announce Genesis Vol. 666

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Northern Genocide is a mixture of aggressive guitar riffs and unequalled electronic elements. The industrial and modern metal tracks tell the story of our faulty society and the impending apocalypse. Genesis Vol. 666 is the debut album of this risingFinnish band and it is released in August 30 by Inverse Records.

The first single from the upcoming album is ‘Ikiruoste’. Lead guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo says Ikiruoste is the first single, and the only one band has written in Finnish… It's about the grim arrival of the final Nuclear Winter.”

Northern Genocide was formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. It all started with a meeting of old highschool friends, guitar player Pyry and programmer Rainer, after Pyry had discovered Rainer's interest in programming and computer music. They both had a history of playing in various metal bands, but now they wanted to try something new by bringing electronic influences to metal. The very same year they started recording demos in their home studio in Helsinki. At first, Pyry did the guitars and vocals and Raikka programmed the rest.

Now the band releases it's first full-length album. Genesis Vol. 666 is a modern mixture of melodic and industrial metal with aggressive synths and epic orchestral compositions. The lyrics, written by Tommi Salonen, describe the faults in today's world and exposes our society's dark sides. The album is released in CD and digital format by Inverse Records.

Track List

1. Intro

2. Genesis Vol. 666

3. Black Widow

4. Annihilation Of The World Of Spirits

5. Neon Antichrist

6. Ecplise

7. The Siren

8. Soul Dystopia

9. The Avalanche

10. Sintropolis

11. Ikiruoste




Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion Find The Counterbalance

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With Sweden’s Night Flight Orchestra reinvigorating the sheen of slick ‘70s rock music, Inverse Records get in on that act with Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion. The band founded in 2016 in Oulu, Finland, is a combination of melody, metal and clean vocals. The band has released two singles and an EP and now releases the debut album The Counterbalance.

This originally named band has an interesting way of infusing their music with melodies, metal and the raging spirit of rock with its guitar solos, with a progressive touch. Familiar atmospheres and vibes from the ‘80s come from analogue synthesizers. The band has members from several bands including To/Die/For, Burning Point, Antipope and Downstone.

DHATSA’s debut album The Counterbalance is a perfectly considered package of melodic and heavy. Everything has been carefully constructed to the detail. Lyrics have almost been woven in to the concept album. “Today’s world is in many ways a sick world. People and the image of our world has changed and twisted without people even noticing it. Sickness has become a standard. All the madness and the crooked and arrogant sphere of thoughts have produced fierce and powerful texts, but it is best when they are veiled in indirect lyrics. It is good that people find these things and grievances themselves by reading and listening the lyrics. Experiences from my own life and a few major crises have produced a well of inspiration for me. You cannot be too direct though. That could lead to a whole new area of problems!”

“Musically we have found our own way with this debut. The music holds a lot of elements and our original addition to the heavy guitars and riffs comes from the sounds of ‘80s analogue synthesizers and sequencers. They are a big part of the band’s sound and create a futuristic atmosphere. The music itself is heavy and there won’t be any massive speed efforts. The attitude and technicality of Valtteri’s melodic singing is a magnificent thing to hear and it is the cherry on the cake that is our music. This combination creates a perfect package for a friend of melodic metal!”



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