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The Devils - Sin, You Sinners

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Recorded by Jim Diamond of The Dirtbombs (he certainly gets around), and snapped up by Voodoo Rhythm Records, this is a short and to the point LP, at just under 20 mins long. Italian duo The Devils, named after Ken Russell’s 1971 B-Movie, are trashy, thrash-y, and totally classy. If you take blues, garage, good old fashioned speed-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll and stick it in an industrial blender, this pretty much what you would get. That, or if you can imagine a more hardcore and really twisted version of The Courettes, you’d kinda be on the right track.

Opener 'Puppy Nun' is a mess of chainsaw like noise and blood-curdling screams. 'Coitus Interruptus (From a Priest)' (see video) tells the story of a Priest and Nun on their travels, stopping for water and drinking the Devil's juice (although not sure whether that’s quite as bad as Jesus juice - you be the judge) What happens next? See for yourself!

‘Hell’s Gate’ comes on like an AK-47. ‘Don’t Look In The Basement’, catchy ‘Misery’ (la, la, la, la, la, la), the relentless ‘Azazel’ and ‘Shaking Satan’s Balls’ are without a doubt of the Diamond school of garage punk rock; raunchy, live and drenched in fabulous fuzz.

If you're looking for and a driving primitive beat, ear splitting in-the-red distortion, minimal lyrics, and, as the press release says this ain't no 'Bob Dylan poetry', then you've definitely come to the right, erm... church? Sometimes their sound does border on the Industrial, and they've borrowed from so many different genres that there’s definitely something here for the more open-minded rock and roller.     

But then, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a band signed by Beat-Man Zeller. Play LOUD.

Sin, You Sinners can be purchased through Voodoo Rhythm Records.


Franklin Fest 2016 - Pre Festival Interview - Oh! Gunquit

Muso's Guide's favourites, Oh!Gunquit return to Edinburgh on Saturday 25th June to play as part of the Franklin Fest 2016 alongside The Embrooks, Thee Jezebels, The Mindreaders and The Sine Waves - what a line-up! The question is, is that little green shack up to all that shakin'? You betcha. 
Debbie: Always a pleasure to chat with you. What's been happening on planet Oh! Gunquit we last saw you play at The Franklin R'N'R Club in November?
OG: We have our new 7" single (produced by Jim Diamond) coming out on Trash Wax Records (with video) & also currently working on the our second album which we are hoping to start recording in September/October. Regarding shows we have recently played out in Spain & France which was great fun and are also looking forward to playing at the Clerkenwell Festival in August (London) which is getting bigger & better every year...and we can walk there haha, but even closer is the Somers Town Festival which we could roll out of bed & play...(which we may well do).
Debbie: For those who may not be familiar with Oh! Gunquit, introduce them to your unique family... 
OG: Oh! Gunquit is the gay capital of New England - USA & is mentioned in the film 'Seven Year Itch'. Simon is currently the only British born member of the group and is always looking for the perfect quiff wax. Tina has midget thumbs and a mean high-kick. Alex can out-manoeuvre lightning & lift quadruple her weight in cymbals. Tina had her shoes licked clean on-stage in Valencia. Chuchi has a serious aversion to baggy jeans & slip-on shoes. VV has the biggest hair in rock 'n' roll.... We ate a few drummers.
Debbie: What is your solemn promise to the Franklin Fest goers?
OG: Hopefully you'll see a great rock 'n' roll gig that combines lots of different sights & sounds... Maybe you'll do some human caving, maybe you'll get all hot under the collar and shake out some Ju-Ju, maybe you'll dance yourself out of your socks, so you definitely won't see any shoegazing and with any luck you'll let it all hang out with wild abandon and immerse yourself in an exotic trip with us!!
Debbie: Apart from the atrocious weather, what you are looking forward to the most about playing at the Franklin again? 
Well we absolutely loved playing in Scotland & the Franklin crew last year so can't wait to go back, last time we came we arrived as Hurricane Abigail was unleashed and we witnessed horizontal rain for the first time.. We are also really looking forward to hanging out & talking nonsense with all the other bands and DJ's on the bill and also meeting new rock 'n' roll reprobate friends/fiends that inhabit this international club of freaks...
Debbie: I'm sure that can all be easily catered for ;)
Tickets for The Franklin Fest can be purchased here. Oh! Gunquit will also be playing the Some Weird Sin all dayer on 20th August, details of which can be found here
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