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Other States Release New Single

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Born from a 10 hour bus trip between Dallas and El Paso taken by writer-keyboardist Mike Lord, Other States is as much about place as it is sound, with songs weaved out of imagined tales from abandoned towns and wild landscapes, the brutal truths and unfinished business of a forgotten time. Musically underpinned by their trademark ‘cowboy psych’ sound; it’s ‘60s pop turned sideways, through the kaleidoscope and into darker territory, channelling the minds of Scott Walker and Lee Hazlewood, as well as film makers such as P.T. Anderson, and the Coen Brothers.

The first of three desert stories from the Brighton band. ‘Both Worlds’ is a tale of deception between two companions, played out to a pulsing ‘60s garage beat, complete with angered call and response vocals, and wailing hammond licks. Having garnered approval from Clash Magazine, Louder Than War, and Echoes and Dust, Other States are continuing their bleak but entertaining commentary on the break ups and break downs of backstabbers and brawlers.

The band are continuing to create a stir in their home-town of Brighton, with regular headline slots for their cinematic and immersive live shows. Mark S. Aaron is as playful as ever in preaching mode, this time calling for retribution and vengeance from his pulpit, outraged by the injustice of it all.


Live dates:

15.03 The Richmond, Brighton

1.5 The Prince Albert, Brighton

1.6 The Hope, Brighton




HeartSongs - 20170925

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Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Other States about their recent single ‘Come Back To Me.

“’Come Back To Me’ is another one of our songs which explores this grizzly character that we’ve created.

The idea is the this dude is a combination of the worst parts of all of us, we put him in situations that are pretty bleak for him, and imagine how he would react.

This time round he’s been ceremoniously removed from his pedal-stool, chucked out of his home and blacklisted by his partner.

And he’s out to vent!

It’s a kinda tongue in cheek scenario, as this guy is essentially a psychopath, and his crocodile tears are more a display of damaged ego as much as true heartbreak.

As much as I find the story pretty funny, it kinda terrifies me as I know that there’s a part of myself in there.

Or maybe its therapeutic- exorcising the psychopath!

Anyway, we’ll just keep building our story around this lost soul, maybe it’ll even get better for him one day..”


‘Come Back To Me’ Lyrics

I’ve seen your strength, I’ve seen your resolve

I’ve seen your fires, they’re not growing old.

I wanna be patient here, but I’m falling out my tree

I wanna be patient girl, but you know that’s just not me


Well my suit is torn, and I’m down on my knees

(Won’t you come back to me)

My palms are scratched but girl I’m begging you please

(Won’t you come back to me)


I know your zeal, I know that you’re set

My heart is drowning, I’m up to my neck

Vent your frustrations here, and I’ll promise you anything

Vent your frustrations girl, and I’ll tell you this bird will sing


Well my suit is torn, and I’m down on my knees

(Won’t you come back to me)

My palms are scratched but girl I’m begging you please

(Won’t you come back to me)

My body’s aching from my heart’s desire

(Won’t you come back to me)

And now I’m burning alone, you know you pulled me from the fire

(Won’t you come back to me)

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