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Physical Format-20190619

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The final five discs of 2018 start with Lady Bird (on the near obligatory orange vinyl) and the socially conscious 'Reprisal' and 'Shag Tally'. The trio are on the roster of Slaves' label & that comes as no surprise, given the mainstream modern punky sound they purvey. Nice inclusion of some organ on both tracks though, which lifts it a bit above the herd. Facebook shows the band have an active summer ahead.
Bessie Turner is unfortunate enough to get one of the wonky discs that periodically come out on Flying Vinyl (most seem to be the purple ones) but, as I'm never that bothered by singer-songwriters 'Nino' and 'Abseil' don't sound like my cup of tea anyway. Pleasant enough but easy to pass over. Bessie seems to have a fair amount of online coverage but no site or page showing here current doings.
Superego are this month's group with a Miles Hunt-alike in their ranks. Apparently they're "the four-piece who've been slowly crafting their sound on the underground scene". The only one. In the whole world, at least five months ago they were. 'Sleep' chugs along but sounds like it would be pretty boring live. 'Black Balloon' is rather quiet in comparison. Even the bits that are obviously meant to be loud. Soundgarden they are not. The band seem to only have a Twitter account to highlight what they're up to but they're obviously active.
Doubling up random letters in your band name seems to still be a thing for Llovers (who're definitely not Welsh). The Lego Ninjago Movie comes to mind. More '80s (via Suede) stuff going on here on lead track 'Go Get Her, Go Getter', a piece of wordplay all their own it seems. It's shiny. 'Without You' is yearning and slow. At least up to the point I stop listening at. Facebook shows the band to have had a new single out last month.
Cleopatrick are Canadian and manage to sound more accomplished than most of the Flying Vinyl UK bands within about two seconds. 'Hometown' has a very pleasing weight of grunge about it. This is the best tune to come out of one of these boxes for months. 'Youth' repeats the feat on the B side, albeit with a more considered approach. Still a good double-header though. Five months in to 2019 though and I for one have failed to see more of the duo, despite the booklet's assertion to the contrary. The band's site shows they've a couple of UK dates next month though so those may go some way towards raising their profile.

Physical Format-20190612

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Fickle Friends are the first act in the November Flying Vinyl box. Unfortunately they aren't featured in the accompanying booklet so I've no further information about them other than that they get three tracks on their transparent green 45 - 'Broken Sleep', an upbeat slice of pop if ever there was one. A summer song released at the end of autumn. 'The Moment', more of the same. Thankfully seemingly light on the autotune (if used at all) and 'San Francisco' again with the poppy and pleasant air. Each tune deserves a bit of attention this summer if they're lucky. The internet shows the band have played the Far East but not released any new music for a while.
Secondly, on red vinyl, we have Bristolians Swimming Girls doing their bit for the '80s revival. 'Back Of Your Car' is nicely upbeat but the lyrics are nothing special and overall it's forgettable compared to the Fickle Friends songs. 'Asking For It' is slower and again nothing of note. They've not risen any in my estimation since their 2017 release. The band's site shows they've just begun playing a few festival dates in Great Britain.
Eliza Shaddad has a breathy singing voice. Not unpleasant but 'This Is My Cue' is in no way the sort of thing I'd choose to listen to. all a bit too angsty as it gets going. 'Just Goes To Show' is a bit more considered but still strives towards the anthemic at times. Well crafted and she probably deserves better attention on the back of it. Eliza's site shows she has one live date coming up.
Loners apparently have the "undertones of the anthemic early '00s indie" in their sound but all I'm getting is more '80s and Erasure on 'He Looks Like Me'. Less Erasure and more Simple Minds on 'Give Up', which I do before the halfway point. Facebook indicates it's a slow process for new music coming out.
Lucy Lu's cover for 'Adonis'/'Down For The Third Time' flatters to deceive, giving the false impression that you'll be in for some muscular jazz funk. Instead you get fairly tepid and unmemorable modern soul. Definitely not my choice for the soundtrack of my lazy Sunday morning, unless by way of encouraging me to get up so as to turn it off. No one seems to want it on Discogs either so it's into the flea market pile. The band's site shows they have one live date still to come this summer.
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