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It appears I spoke too soon regarding the number of weeks left of this column as the May box arrived through my door yesterday (May 28th) so two more lots of waffle after this one rather than one.

In other news though the disc by Cleopatrick from a column or two ago has sold in recent days, bringing in a few £ so there's hope that some of the rest will sell yet.
This time around we begin with another Canadian duo, B.B. Except there are three names on the back of the 7" cover so maybe, a la Dream Wife, their drummer is some kind of non-person. 'Drowning' has obvious shades of L7 & Deap Vally about it, with a bit of surf twang thrown in. Streets ahead of anything similar UK Flying Vinyl acts are producing anyway. 'Nu Blue' takes the surf element a bit further. A very good start to this particular box. Facebook shows the band are doing stuff throughout 2019.
Jagara are the second band I've come across in this series who have a two tracker disc described as an EP. Hard to see how that extends things past the length of a single. Anyway, musically they're style is yearning, angsty electro-pop. 'Twice' and 'Real Love' are pretty formulaic, Radio 1-friendly numbers. The band seem to have stopped updating their Facebook page in spring 2018 so your guess is as good as mine as to what they're up to now.
Laulia are an indie rock act. 'Burning Out' aims to be anthemic but fails to set the heather on fire whilst 'Machines' is a softer prospect the likes of which you've heard many times before. The band at least have their own site but no gigs past spring this year it seems.
Safe To Swim have a bit of Wavves' sound about them. 'Make Things Like They Used To Be' moves along at a good pace and is generally fun but, if that's the best they have then it's still not much. 'Friends' is not as good as the A side. Facebook shows the band had a new track released last week.
Food this time around comes in the shape of Mystic Peach. 'Across The Pond' gets a bit muscular and they can growl a bit as well as sing but there's no real hook in this shoegaze/brit-pop/'psych' melange. 'Normal' is a more dramatic song but again it kind of washes over me. The band are still promoting 'Across The Pond' and have been quiet on Facebook for about a month.

Physical Format-20190703

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Hey Charlie returned to Flying Vinyl in February of this year, getting the pink vinyl treatment for 'Bad Things' (a heavyweight pop thumper) and 'Electric Dream', more emphasis on the pop here. Both are reasonable with the latter bringing Ash to mind at points. The group's Facebook shows they now seem to be a duo and are on tour for a week in England this month.
'On The Subject Of Breathing' doesn't seem like the sort of catchy title that will rhyme easily or be shouted out by stadium audiences. Bryde has it as the A side on her single here though and it's as angsty and heartfelt as the name would have you expect. 'To Be Brave' sounds a bit like The Cranberries. Bryde's website indicates she's playing the SWN Festival in October.
Moreish Idols (the worst name this month) will apparently "always leave you wanting more". In the case of 'JnT' it's more earplugs. This smooth, pervy crooning song is laughable. 'Electric Beach' isn't any better. Whoever's not needed anymore in the subject matter of the song is far better off. Unsurprisingly it's the flea market box for this rubbish. Head over to the band's Facebook page if you want to help fund their next video.
Spinn are another act keeping stammers in band names alive. 'Notice Me' and 'Shallow' are decent, jangly indie numbers from a quartet who seem like likeable types. Since writing this the disc has been bought by someone in Japan for £11. The group's Facebook page shows they have an album out and will be touring the UK at the end of November/start of December.
Seafret end this month with the orange vinyl single. 'Monsters' and 'Can't Look Away' are both decked out in the tropes of indie rock, to no special effect. Anthem fans will probably be well served though. The band's website shows they have two gigs in Brazil this week.
Raced through that lot, chucking the word count rule to the winds. Just so little that's possible to say about such generally average music.
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