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The Devils - Sin, You Sinners

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Recorded by Jim Diamond of The Dirtbombs (he certainly gets around), and snapped up by Voodoo Rhythm Records, this is a short and to the point LP, at just under 20 mins long. Italian duo The Devils, named after Ken Russell’s 1971 B-Movie, are trashy, thrash-y, and totally classy. If you take blues, garage, good old fashioned speed-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll and stick it in an industrial blender, this pretty much what you would get. That, or if you can imagine a more hardcore and really twisted version of The Courettes, you’d kinda be on the right track.

Opener 'Puppy Nun' is a mess of chainsaw like noise and blood-curdling screams. 'Coitus Interruptus (From a Priest)' (see video) tells the story of a Priest and Nun on their travels, stopping for water and drinking the Devil's juice (although not sure whether that’s quite as bad as Jesus juice - you be the judge) What happens next? See for yourself!

‘Hell’s Gate’ comes on like an AK-47. ‘Don’t Look In The Basement’, catchy ‘Misery’ (la, la, la, la, la, la), the relentless ‘Azazel’ and ‘Shaking Satan’s Balls’ are without a doubt of the Diamond school of garage punk rock; raunchy, live and drenched in fabulous fuzz.

If you're looking for and a driving primitive beat, ear splitting in-the-red distortion, minimal lyrics, and, as the press release says this ain't no 'Bob Dylan poetry', then you've definitely come to the right, erm... church? Sometimes their sound does border on the Industrial, and they've borrowed from so many different genres that there’s definitely something here for the more open-minded rock and roller.     

But then, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a band signed by Beat-Man Zeller. Play LOUD.

Sin, You Sinners can be purchased through Voodoo Rhythm Records.


The Come N' Go - Tumbling Heights

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This punk junk and new wave raw power rock ‘n’ roll LP dropped through my letterbox, with a letter of recommendation from Beat-Man Zeller himself.

Originally from Switzerland, The Come N’ Go sprang to life in 2001, and this is their 4th release on Voodoo Rhythm Records. As the members of the band are now located in Romania, Zurich and La Chaux des Fonds, there has been an 8 year gap between recordings. This new offering follows their 2008 LP Something's Got To Give.

Produced by Markus Staehli from Roy And The Devil’s Motorcycle, It’s a downright bizarre collection of songs; with some really good tracks interspersed. However it doesn’t sit easily, but I think that’s the point. I’m truly out of my comfort zone with this one. If you’re looking for unorthodox, fuzzed-out guitars / feedback / reverb / delay / distortion / acid / psych / stomp / blues / trash and “one out of his head out of control singer and a crazy go go dancing Marina on Drums doing a totally insane Beat”... girls and boys, you’ve come to the right place.

These 10 tracks take us on a journey from the sublime to the ridiculous. Opening track 'Chateau Phoqu' gets us off to a flying start. It’s a good time rock 'n' roll number full of energy, reminiscent of The Stooges / New York Dolls. It continues in this vein with the full-on trashy fuzzed out 'Today Sometimes'. Moving onto space rock with 'Yona’s Blues', 'I’ll Sing You A Song' and 'What Is It?'. The bizarre 'Borderland' is pretty un-listenable (sorry…) All this, and it includes a cover of Bad Brains' ‘Attitude’.

In the words of Beat-Man “Get this one today and ruin any party tonight!”

Tumbling Heights is available from amazon & iTunes.

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