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Stoat Explain Why You Should Give Up On Your Dreams

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Irish indie legends Stoat have used the ongoing lockdown to get more philosophical. Like a lot of their last album, ‘Why You Should Give Up On Your Dreams’ is a thoughtful and reflective slice of midlife male psyche delivered with a sprightly tone and a large dose of musical invention. It sounds homemade because it is homemade with Cormac Parle editing together a tune that was “recorded bit by bit in our homes while Ireland was locked down for the COVID-19 pandemic, and painstakingly pieced together”.


Press release is below and it’s well worth watching the video. It’s like an existentialist TED talk.


Ok ok ok ... so the subject matter of this song is quite dear to my heart. The whole "follow your dreams" thing is, IMO, a load of bollocks, and for me at least has led to the waste of a huge amount of time and effort trying to manifest a story I had made up in my head. Instead of, like, actually enjoying my life as it's happening.


Me and John actually spent a couple of years working on a kind of anti-self-help book about this but, naturally, nobody was interested in publishing it, so the book got distilled into this song, plus a 5-minute talk that you can find here








Stoat Release The Glue That Holds Us All Together

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There’s been plenty of talk lately about us all being in this together but little in the way of actions to that effect. Fortunately, Stoat are back with their first new material since 2018.

The world is full of facemasks being used as chinwarmers, uninformed opinions being spouted, and waffling gombeens continue to run the world. We may be surrounded by idiots, and they may wreck our heads but that’s no reason not to be polite. Sometimes “Being polite/ When some idiots wrong/ Is how we all manage to get along

After a hiatus of over a decade between their first and second albums, Stoat flirt with fecundity and the promise of more material. Listen on Spotify HERE

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