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New Stoat Single On The Way

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Irish indie legends, Stoat, will be releasing their first new material since 2018’s Try Not To Think About It, which made our end of year list way back in the before times.

‘The Glue That Holds Us All Together’ is out on October 2 and can be presaved on Spotify here

Cormac from the band says, “Our first single since 2018 is gonna be out on Spotify on Oct 2, with a video (or two!) shortly afterwards. It sounds like ... well, it sounds like Stoat. Guitars, bass, drums, saxophone - that kind of thing. Me singing. It's about being stuck on a commuter bus with a ranting stranger and being reluctant to call them out because, well, you'll both be on the same bus again tomorrow.”




Stoat Remix Pixie Dot & Dash

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Check out the new video for ‘Democritus (Stoat mix)’ below. Created by rising youtuber Fallen Star Queen, the video stars her Gacha Life creations performing the song, and her own unique sense of humour.

The latest song from Pixie Dot & Dash is officially released today. The band was formed by me and my daughter just prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 and ‘Democritus’ was written during lockdown. Originally a mellow instrumental, the track was remixed by Cormac Parle of Irish indie legends, Stoat. Cormac added synths, bass guitar, and a ferocious vocal to create something entirely new.

It’s the first time Stoat have collaborated with another band and comes ahead of their first new original material since the release of their brilliant album, Try Not To Think About It in 2018.

Democritus (Stoat mix) is available on Bandcamp 



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