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The Greasy Slicks - The Greasy Slicks

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It's full-on, pedal to the metal with first track proper 'Hawks' on The Greasy Slicks debut full-length release. Lovers of straight-forward, riff-heavy blues-based rock will find plenty to enjoy here.

Whether the trio are that exciting live is though rapidly called into question on 'Eyes Wide Black', which for me's too heavy on the blues before getting into a messy, self-indulgent guitar repetition. 'The Willows' wanders further into boredom territory. Whilst in no way a country song it brought to mind the kind of US bar you see on film where line-dancing is still the staple entertainment, as if the 21st century hasn't touched down there yet.

It then just gets harder & harder to take this act seriously. It would be a lie to say they do what they do by the numbers - there are obvious innovative elements that make the sound very much their own. The problem for me is the general lack of excitement they elicit. Wandering in to see them at the likes of Incubate or some other festival I don't imagine I'd stay for more than a couple of songs.

Looking so young & fresh faced as they do (and fair enough, everyone has to start somewhere) it's difficult to imagine they've suffered the disappointments covered in such songs as 'Let Me Down'. And do their mothers really have so strong an influence over them? Maybe not, if they have in fact blethered with a 'Street Queen'

I recently overheard someone stating that times need to be really bad for really good music to be generated. Whilst in part I'd disagree with that on the lines that if you look hard enough you'll always find some, The Greasy Slicks are certainly on the whole a pretty safe band in a time of record employment etc.

Technically competent then The Greasy Slicks are definitely for you if you're needing a fix somewhere between Dire Straits & RHCP.

The Greasy Slicks is available from iTunes. 


First Listen : The Greasy Slicks - Hawks

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Live Dates:-

18.08.16 - The Old Queen’s Head, London

31.08.16 - Tube, Dussledorf

01.09.16 - Privatclub, Berlin

02.09.16 - Komplex Club, Schuttorf

03.09.16 - Bluesrock Festival, Tegelen

05.09.16 - Ideal Bar, Copenhagen

06.09.16 - Molotow Sky Bar, Hamburg

08.09.16 - Bestival, Isle of Wight

15.09.16 - Hard Rock Cafe, Madrid

16.09.16 - Razzmatazz 3

22.09.16 - Roisin Dubh, Galway

23.09.16 - Kasbah Social Club, Limerick

23.09.16 - Whelan's, Dublin

29.09.16 - The Sebright Arms, London

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