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The Horrors, The Troxy, London

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Following support from Telegram, the core of The Horrors enter the stage to applause followed moments later by cool as you like, Faris Badwan, who attracts a large cheer as he struts in to view.

The wait is over and The Horrors jump in at the deep-end with ‘Chasing Shadows’, the glitzy opening track from this year’s release Luminous. This kicks off an innovative set where the Southend shoegazers breeze through material from their previous three albums. It’s noticeable that they leave 2007's debut Strange House in the dark as they light up the Troxy with dazzling strobes and improvised instrumentals. The evolution of The Horrors since Strange House has been huge, and tonight acts as a celebration for the sound they have since mastered.

And it's loud. In a barely lit setting, the band is hidden behind a smokescreen, but Joseph Spurgeons' drums burst through the dark and are the driving force behind the evening’s highlight, ‘Sea Within A Sea.’ The track stands out as members of the crowd clamber to shoulder level to ride the wave that Tom Cowan’s synthesizers create.

With the band hid, attention is directed to the fantastic light show which is like a gothic Disneyland spectacular. Badwan’s slender silhouette, which is visible throughout, emphasises the novelty of the performance; you see him holding his microphone-stand aloft, breaking the awesome green sheet of light which covers the crowd.

During Primary Colours’ ‘Who Can Say’, it becomes clear for anyone who has seen the band at a festival that an indoor setting is essential to truly witnessing a Horrors performance. It is the lighting and the confined space which creates a wall around the crowd and the band, unifying everyone in ascending tracks which hit like a ton of bricks.

As the night draws to a close, Faris Badwan thanks the crowd for sharing the last night of their UK tour in support of Luminous, flying into sing-along single ‘I See You’ before the leaving the stage for the first time.

The band re-emerge for a deserved two song encore, with a passionate outing of their latest single, ‘So Now You Know’, before stretching Skyling’s ‘Moving Further Away’ in to a ten minute intoxicating freak-out. The track is huge and The Horrors are becoming seasoned specialists in upbeat '80s nostalgia, more so than you could ever have imagined when they first broke in '07.

Leaving into the crisp London air, with ringing ears and blurred vision, there’s no doubt that The Horrors have signed off their UK tour in style.

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