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The Spook School Announce Album Launch Gigs And First Headline Tour

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To celebrate their second album, Try To Be Hopeful, having recently come out The Spook School have a couple of shows in Edinburgh and one in London next week. The nights of October 26 & 27 will see them play The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh's Old Town before they head off to the DIY Space For London on October 29 (support from Joey Fourr and Wolf Girl). Tickets for all three of these shows can be obtained here.

Following on from these dates the band will head out on an 11 date headline tour of the UK & Ireland, including the ninth iteration of Dundee's Book Yer Ane Fest, in aid of the Safe Tay charity, tickets for which can be found here. Musos' Guide plans to be there for that one - £25 for over 30 bands + a charity profiting seems like something pretty worthwhile.

The full tour dates are as follows:-

6 Nov - w/ Martha/Radiator Hospital, Glasgow, 13th Note
14 Nov - Belfast, Black Box, Northern Ireland
15 Nov - Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland
20 Nov - Brighton, The Joker
22 Nov - London, George Tavern
26 Nov - Leeds, Wharf Chambers 
27 Nov - Edinburgh, Citrus Club (with The Lovely Eggs)
28 Nov - Dundee, Buskers - Book Yer Ane Fest IX
4 Dec - Coventry, The Tin at The Coal Vaults
5 Dec - Nottingham, Chameleon
6 Dec - Glasgow, Nice and Sleazy
Try To Be Hopeful is released on Fortuna POP! and is available from amazon & iTunes. 

The Lovely Eggs - This Is Our Nowhere

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Exciting passion for a unity of people to come together and rock in space made in the loveliest egg of creation… The Lovely Eggs; a growing and relentless force in the world of self-made DIY talent. Thrashing bass-heavy guitar spirals around into a falling stumble of drums in opening track ‘Ordinary People Unite’ dropping out into a simple calling in an ever so suitable angelic voice.

With Holly's soft twang and suggestive lyrics the feeling of a back alley pub by the seaside; rocking on top of the pool table hits somewhere between the amp feedback and the whirling siren that’s signing off the track 'music'. Inside this musical space is an innocence that runs along with all the record, a place far from the screaming rock that the guitars suggest. Whilst songs like 'goofing around' confirm it; a psychedelic stream begins to flow out giving the surrealist setting for 'slinking of the strange'.

Lyrically it could all be nonsense but after a first dabble with the record it begins to fit together and you can only grasp at the nowhere these two have created. By the time we get to the 'Elizabeth My Dear' evoking intro the offer has been set for 'The Investment'.

Will you invest your delight in growing your own 'Magic Onion' that you can peel with your magic knife, I know I will. The Lovely Eggs truly are lovely and yet it seems like the bird is ready to peck her way out of the shell.

When she does let's hope she finds a third to add to the recipe, something that seems to be missing. The guitars pounding off into the drum beat and looking for that all powerful centre; when it finds it, there is a moment when it's alone and that is where the complimentary twisting lead guitar part fails to show..
Besides that one bias opinion the whole album flows effortlessly into a catchy, pop rock master piece showing just how far The Lovely Eggs have come from playing on top of pool tables in back alley bars by the seaside; Saltburn-by-the-Sea to be exact, that was over seven years ago. A much more polished act presents itself and the hard work put into the D.I.Y ethics of this band shows forth in each track.

'Cilla's Teeth' is an angry rant that screams of teenage rebellion of the dentist, yet it’s much more; It's a cheeky bit of craic poking fun into the idea-sphere of imagery with words. Final track on the record reminds us that magic is everywhere but it's also nowhere, “what is tender/what is true/what is precious” Certainly The Lovely Eggs are the answer to that. A great album that will hold up a new age in the music industry; somewhere in their own nowhere that we all share.

This Is Our Nowhere is available from amazon and iTunes.

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