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Musos’ Guide Hits London On Monday

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In just under a weeks’ time, Musos’ Guide will take over the Finsbury, London for our leg of Blogtober. For the 31 nights of October, The Finsbury is hosting 31 gigs curated by a different music site each day. We’ll be bringing Dublin electro-rockers, Makings, Up Down Go Machine from Wales, and local London upstarts Black Cheroot.

Makings [http://www.makingsmusic.com/] raised eyebrows in 2015 with their debut album, Cognition, which they made with legendary producer, Chris Potter (The Verve, The Rolling Stones). You can download the whole album for free here. They’re no strangers to London having played the Proud Camden on their last tour. They’ve since played storming sets at Vantastival and Swell Festival, and their live set has to be seen to be believed.

Rooted in RnB, yet sprung from the more eclectic sounds of heavy rock/pop music. Black Cheroot use these foundations to create grooves, that sometimes roll smooth, and then at once, turn into a raw nerve of barely contained passion and expression.


Up Down Go Machine are from Wales but based in London. The acoustic indie folk quartet formed in 2012 and played the BBC Introducing Stage at SO Festival. They’ve been compared to Ben Howard, Tom Grennan and Samuel Jack, and should get the night off to a cracking start.

Come down, join us, and say hello to your favourite writers in the Finsbury next Monday, October 9. RSVP here, and ensure you are signed for a free ticket for free entry because we can only squeeze so many of you in!
Age Restriction: 18+
Doors - 7.30pm (Live Room)












HeartSongs 20170918 - Blogtober Edition

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Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. With our Blogtober show fast approaching [http://musosguide.co.uk/component/k2/item/4369-musos%E2%80%99-guide-goes-to-that-london-blogtober-preview] ,we spoke to one of our meticulously selected acts , Up Down Go Machine, about their recent single ‘Gambler’.

“Inspired by the epic gangster movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, we wanted to make this a snarling monster of a track. The vocals and lyrics have pretty dark undertones, as it tells the story of a man whose addiction has taken him to the dark side, and getting this atmosphere and tone across was important to us. The video, which was filmed using a drone on a beach in Liverpool, brings depth to the overall feel of the track, creating a feeling of unease, constantly running away, but effectively not really getting anywhere.”

‘Gambler’ lyrics

Fool me now, into another world

I roll this dice for a living, lady lucks not forgiving

I'll phase it out, but I don't tell the truth

She says, try to be better, I say I'll try to be better

But my heart won't let me


Oh lord let me go

It’s over now, it’s over now

Bruised crimson, dried my head

It’s over now, it’s over now


Yeah he calls me out, seen me for what I am

I try to speak, my breath is weak, final words of a desperate man

And I'm lost in hope that I'll be heading home

I beg him, try to be better, he smiles I'll try to be better, but my heart won't let me

No, my heart won't let me...


Oh lord let me go

It’s over now, it’s over now

Bruised crimson, dried my head

It’s over now, it’s over now



Oh Lord let me go

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