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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

Northern Soul - Original Soundtrack

Those of you with sense enough to have watched recent BBC documentary Something For The Weekend, about the birth and ongoing popularity of northern soul, will have seen Elaine Constantine amongst the 'talking heads' featured in the film. Her own film drama Northern Soul has it's soundtrack due for release by Harmless Records on September 15. 

Featuring 53 tracks across two compact discs  + a dvd there will also be a boxed set of 14 7" singles + 60 page hardbacked book of film stills and other related stuff. A digital download of the CDs will also be available.

The full track listing for the CD / download release is as follows:-

CD1: Northern Soul: The Soundtrack

1.             Time                                                  -               Edwin Starr                                          

2.             Stick by Me Baby                                 -               The Salvadores                  

3.             Back Street                                         -               Edwin Starr                                          

4.             The Night                                           -               Frankie Valli                        

5.             I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un        -               Lou Pride                             

6.             Too Late                                            -               Larry Williams & Johnny Watson    

7.             Soul Time                                          -               Shirley Ellis                                          

8.             You Don’t Mean It                               -               Towanda Barnes                                

9.             Exus Trek                                           -               Luther Ingram                                     

10.          Tear Stained Face                                 -               Don Varner                                          

11.          Lonely For You Baby                              -               Sam Dees                                            

12.          I Gotta Find Me Somebody                     -               The Velvets                                          

13.          Crying Over You                                    -               Duke Browner                                     

14.          They’ll Never Know Why                          -               Freddy Chavez                                   

15.          (Just Say) you’re Wanted and Needed      -               Gwen Owens                                       

16.          I Really Love You                                  -               The Tomangoes                                 

17.          Time Will Pass You by                            -               Tobi Legend                                        

18.          Come on Train                                      -               Don Thomas                                       

19.          I’m Gone                                              -               Eddie Parker                                       

20.          Right Track                                           -               Billy Butler                                            

21.          Your autumn of Tomorrow                      -               The Crow                                             

22.          If This Is Love                                      -               The Precisions                                    

23.          This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It’s Killing Me)   -   Marvin Gaye                                        

24.          Suspicion                                             -               The Originals                                       

25.          Seven Day Lover                                   -               James Fountain                                  

26.          Turning My Heartbeat Up                       -               The MVP’s                                           

27.          Gone With The Wind Is My Love             -               Rita & The Tiaras                                          

CD2: Northern Soul: Further Inspiration from Elaine Constantine

1.             Blowing My Mind to Pieces                     -               Bob Relf

2.             If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life         -               Dena Barnes

3.             As Long as You Love Me (I’ll Stay)         -               Ronnie & Robyn

4.             You Don’t Love Me                               -               Epitome Of Sound             

5.             I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You Babe)   -       Linda Jones         

6.             What Good Am I without You                -               Darrow Fletcher

7.             I Surrender                                         -               Eddie Holman

8.             Please Stay                                        -               The Ivories

9.             I Don’t Like To Lose                            -               The Group feat. Cecil Washington   

10.          In Love                                               -               Tony Galla

11.          I Was Born To Love You                        -               Herbert Hunter    

12.          The Chase Is On                                  -               Johnny Howard  

13.          You Left Me                                         -               The Admirations                 

14.          Ain’t Gonna Run No More                       -               The Royal Esquires

15.          My Lonely Feeling                                 -               Milton James

16.          Little Love Affair                                   -               Patrinell Staten   

17.          Love Slave                                          -               The Antellects                                     

18.          Hanging in                                          -               John Harris & The Soul Sayers

19.          Can You Win                                       -               Charlene & The Soul Serenaders   

20.          Suffering Wrath                                    -               Rudy Love

21.          She’ll Come Running Back                     -               Mel Britt                                

22.          Love Factory                                        -               Eloise Laws

23.          Keep on Running Away                          -               Bits 'N’ Pieces                                      

24.          It Really Hurts Me Girl                           -               The Carstairs                       

25.          Hung Up on Your Love                          -               The Montclairs

(Plus more tracks to be confirmed shortly)   

DVD: Interview with Elaine Constantine – Director of Northern Soul + Extras

Magners Summer Nights - Teenage Fanclub, Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow


In a summer that has seen the word Glasgow spoken or printed more times by the UK and other media than possibly ever before, the city's cultural highlights are continuing post-Commonwealth Games. The beautifully refurbished Kelvingrove Bandstand, just up the road from the bowling greens utilised by the games, has already this month played host to Steve Earle, Alison Moyet & The Bluebells and The Waterboys as part of the Magners Summer Nights event series. Squeeze have a sold-out show here tomorrow night but tonight it's all about the home team. 

Teenage Fanclub don't play live together all that often (this is their first show in Glasgow in three years), given that they're a bit further from being teenaged and no longer based as close to each other as they used to be, as well as having other projects to work on (Norman Blake's New Mendicants and Gerry Love's Lightships for example). Over the past 20+ years though they've provided me with some of the most enjoyable and emotionally charged gigs of my life to date, none more so than when playing in their home city.

Typically the weather decides the summer's over and so it's a continually windy & none too warm night for seeing an outdoor show but the crowd's enthusiasm is undimmed by the drop in temperature and at least it stays dry. The band take to the stage promptly at 9pm, to tumultuous applause. Kicking off with 'It's All In My Mind' they can't go wrong. In the main tonight's set is comprised of the band's more considered and slightly slower output ('I Don't Want Control Of You', 'Baby Lee', 'Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From', 'Ain't That Enough'), rather than the more raucous material from the likes of Bandwagonesque or Grand Prix so it takes a while for the crowd to fill the gap at the stage front. As the venue seems to offer no bad vantage point that could also explain the lack of a need to get more involved in the proceedings.

Norman's on good form between the songs, whether letting on that the rider contains a mass of Haribos or that he remembers acts of youthful rebellion being perpetrated in the vicinity of the venue (some of which may account for his later memory lapses around what was the band's most successful single and a couple of their more recent albums' titles). Not that anyone's losing sleep over that and soon enough there's the expected seething mass of bodies pressing up against the barriers, bouncing about and singing along to 'The Concept' and 'Sparky's Dream' as the livelier material gets a look-in.

No chance unfortunately of a second encore even in their home for the band as proceedings are wound up as planned around 10pm, although it's clear the crowd don't want to go home that early. They've been well served over the course of the show though and other than the odd numb rear after sitting on the bandstand's concrete benches for the evening there's nothing to complain about. A shorter gap between this and their next show would be most welcome though.

Apologies to support act Linden as the hunt for a more reasonably priced bar kept us away from seeing them in action.

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