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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

Album Review : Just Jack - All Night Cinema

The name rang a bell. Didn't this bloke have a song out last year that got so much airplay it began to annoy me? Could be. I've not got around to checking. Whatever negative thoughts his name may have originally conjured up for me are of no import as this album stands very steadily on it's own feet. Like a male Lily Allen, if that's not some sort of a contradiction or even a condescencion.

Album Review : Sweet Baboo - Hello Wave

This is a nicely jaunty collection of songs from the one man band that is Stephen Black. Hard to say who else his country/folky warblings are reminiscent of but nearly every track gave me that tip of the tongue feeling. From largely unadorned quirky numbers like second song 'How I'd Live My Life AKA The Bumblebee Song' to the quietly lush instrumental 'It's Three, Let's Go', Stephen and his collaborators have produced a release that will readily appeal to fans of the likes of Tuung, St. Thomas, Bronco Bullfrog and similar acts.

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