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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

Album Review : The Super Vacations - Thicker Milk

Being let down following the big build up of a band's new release seems to be an occurrence of increasing frequency these days. The Super Vacations, unfortunately for them, do nothing to reverse that trend. In the year that old hands The Coral come up with a career defining album, anyone else trading in anything even vaguely resembling Sixties psych, or garage at the lighter end of the scale, has a tough job on their hands already - but even without that benchmark being set these guys were never onto a winner.

Album Review : Full Time Hobby - Hobbyism

Full Time Hobby here give us another budget priced compilation of some label highlights (following on from the Full Time Hobby 7" five years ago and 2008's Not Doing It For The Quids, with which it shares pretty much all the acts featured). At only eight tracks it could be supposed that the credit crunch has had some impact on the amount of material available to promote this perenially resiliant, upstart label but it succeeds in not only making the source albums desirable but in leaving you in hope of a part two, so well chosen is the song order and the mood resultant from it.

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