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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

Album Review : Silk Flowers - Silk Flowers

Do Goths ever do karaoke? If not, then they have here the blueprint for going about it. At time of writing I've already switched this album off twice as it's so bad. If only it was my ex-colleague Phil singing as I first thought - at least I could take something positive from it and congratulate him on getting a deal. But no, instead it's three blokes from New York who actually manage to describe what they do as "trance" on MySpace. A trance would be welcome to manage to get through the whole of the ten efforts on offer.

Album Review : Coldplay - Prospekts March

Just to confirm that I'm not celebrating Xmas, I've given myself the task of reviewing this Viva La Vida also-rans and bits and pieces package. Putting this in context it means it'll be the first time I've deliberately played any Coldplay since my home taping of Parachutes failed to kill off at least their part of the music industry. I did like that album, but the subsequent god complexes and will they/won't they (hurry up and) disband nonsense has polarised my opinion like it has with most other music lovers - nowadays you either love or loathe them. Clearly from the above I'm less than fond but second chances are always available so ...

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