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Marky Edison

Destruction To Release 'Thrash Anthems II'

German thrash legends Destruction will release their new "Best of Old School" album Thrash Anthems II on November 10 via Nuclear Blast Records. In 2007, Destruction proved how successful re-recording some of their timeless classics and reimagining history could be. The follow-up to 2007's Thrash Anthems is ready to rock the metal world and shows how fans can be part of both a band's history and future. For Thrash Anthems II, Destruction called upon on their loyal fans through PledgeMusic to help them create the record and contribute to the band's epic history.

Mastermind Schmier states: "As it is a part of our past to relaunch classic songs from our history with a fresh face and we had many demands on a Thrash Anthems continuation, we decided to do a second part of this re-animation of classic ‘80s Destruction material. For us it was important to choose the tracks with the fans and first when NB did not wanna do the album we decided to do a pledge campaign to raise the funds for the production together with the die-hards.

To make a long story short, we know not everybody will like these new versions of those thrash evergreens (just listen to the originals then) but it was an important task for us to keep them alive for a whole new generation of metalheads that love those fresh and brutal new recordings. We are very happy now, that our label is finally releasing this collection of thrash classics. The vibe on this record is so vicious, uncommercial and has this ‘80s feeling with an even more aggressive edge and THAT is was made our THRASH so special, in the good old days and now!"

'Thrash Anthems II' - Track Listing:

01. Confused Mind

02. Black Mass

03. Frontbeast

04. Dissatisfied Existence

05. United By Hatred

06. The Ritual

07. Black Death

08. The Antichrist

09. Confound Games

10. Ripping You Off Blind

11. Satan's Vengeance

Bonus Track:

12. Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys Cover)



The Jam 40th Anniversary Box Set

In May 1977, a young 3-piece rock group from Woking in Surrey appeared on Top Of The Pops with an explosive single called ‘In The City’. The song fizzed with the energy and sense of purpose and is one of the most incendiary debut singles ever. At the same time, The Jam released their exhilarating debut album, also called In The City, and in the very same year it’s follow up This Is The Modern World. To celebrate this 40th anniversary USM-Polydor release a five-disc box set featuring both albums re-mastered as well as unreleased demos and live recordings.

The Jam became one of the most popular bands to emerge from the English punk rock scene of ’77 and had a phenomenal impact on pop music and wider youth culture. In their short career, they achieved 18 consecutive Top 40 singles in the UK (including 4 number 1s) and released six ground-breaking albums and went on to influence a generation with their music, style, politics and inspiration

Disc 1 - In The City - Debut LP from May 1977 – A raw and powerful album that announced the arrival of The Jam, with their 18 year old lead singer Paul Weller sowing the seeds for what the was in store for the future. The Jam's music at this time owed a lot to the harmonies of Motown, the energy of Dr Feelgood and early Who but with the anger of the current punk scene. Although Weller's band was obviously headed in a different direction, this debut sits alongside the first albums by The Clash and the Sex Pistols as one of the definitive records from the era. The album includes hit single ‘In The City’ (which gave the band their first Top Of The Pops appearance, included on the DVD), live favourite (and suggested single) ‘Art School’ and Paul Weller’s most ambitious early song – ‘Away From The Numbers’.

Disc 2 – Demos includes 11 demos made for the first album – six of which are previously unreleased.

Disc 3 – This Is The Modern World the follow-up album, released a few months after debut in late 1977, with iconic Gered Mankowitz cover shot. This hastily released follow-up to In The City has long been the topic of debate among Jam fans. It might not be up there with later classics such as All Mod Cons & Sound Affects but time has been very kind to this album. It clearly paved the way for the refined brilliance of the later albums which possibly wouldn’t have happened without it.  Includes the rousing hit single ‘The Modern World’ and some of Weller’s early introspective gems – ‘Life From A Window’ and ‘I Need You (For Someone)’, as well as ‘The Combine’, a track that pointed markedly towards the next album All Mod Cons.

Disc 4 – Live includes the previously-unreleased concert from the ‘Nashville’ – September 10th 1977, featuring material from the first two albums. Also features the two legendary John Peel sessions from 1977.

Disc 5 – a DVD featuring TV appearances from the likes of Top Of The Pops and So It Goes plus promo videos from 1977. Includes performances of the hit single ‘All Around The World’ (which did not appear on either LP)

Full tracklisting here:


Disc 1 - ‘In The City’ (original album remastered)

006025 5771551 4

1. Art School

2. I’ve Changed My Address

3. Slow Down

4. I Got By In Time

5. Away From The Numbers

6. Batman Theme

7. In The City

8. Sounds From The Street

9. Non-Stop Dancing

10. Time For Truth

11. Takin’ My Love

12. Bricks & Mortar

+ single & B-side extras

13. All Around The World

14. Carnaby Street


Disc 2 - ‘The Polydor Demos: February 1977’

006025 5771552 1

1. Art School (demo) #

2. In The City (demo)

3. I Got By In Time (demo) #

4. I've Changed My Address (demo) #

5. Time For Truth (demo)

6. Sounds From The Street (demo)

7. Non Stop Dancing (demo) #

8. Bricks And Mortar (demo) #

9. Takin' My Love (demo)

10. So Sad About Us (demo)

11. Slowdown (demo) #

# = previously unreleased


Disc 3 - ‘This Is The Modern World’ (original album remastered)

006025 5771553 8

1. The Modern World

2. London Traffic

3. Standards

4. Life From A Window

5. The Combine

6. Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane

7. In The Street Today

8. London Girl

9. I Need You (For Someone)

10. Here Comes The Weekend

11. Tonight At Noon

12. In The Midnight Hour


Disc 4 - ‘Live 1977’

006025 5771555 2

John Peel sessions:

1. In The City

2. Art School

3. I’ve Changed My Address

4. The Modern World

Recorded 26.4.1977 - Transmitted 2.5.1977

5. All Around The World

6. London Girl

7. Bricks & Mortar

8. Carnaby Street

Recorded 19.7.1977 - Transmitted 25.7.1977

Live at the ‘Nashville’ – September 10th 1977 (previously unreleased):

9. Carnaby Street

10. The Modern World

11. Time For Truth

12. So Sad About Us

13. London Girl

14. In the Street Today

15. All Around The World

16. London Traffic

17. Sweet Soul Music

18. Bricks & Mortar

19. In The City

20. Art School

21. In The Midnight Hour

22. Sounds From The Street

23. Slowdown

Disc 5 - DVD

006025 5771556 9


1. In The City (Polydor promo - May 1977)

2. Art School (Polydor promo - May 1977)

3. In The City (Top Of The Pops - Date: 19/05/1977)

4. All Around The World (Top Of The Pops - Date: 18/08/1977)

5. All Around The World (‘Marc’ - Granada TV)

6. The Modern World (Top Of The Pops Top Of The Pops - Date: 03/11/1977)

7. Bricks and Mortar (‘So It Goes’ - Granada TV Nov. 20th 1977)

8. Carnaby Street (‘So It Goes’ - Granada TV Nov. 20th 1977)

9. In The City (‘So It Goes’ - Granada TV Nov. 20th 1977)

10. Slowdown (‘So It Goes’ - Granada TV Nov. 20th 1977)

11. All Around The World (‘So It Goes’ - Granada TV Nov. 20th 1977)



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