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Album Review: Joan As Police Woman - To America

  • Written by  Sam Dufton


By Sam Dufton

November 01, 2008

This is some classy stuff. Sounding a little like a Tim Burton ballad, you can imagine the first half of this being plucked straight from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the two voices luxuriously taking it in turns to discuss love in terms of blood, hunger and mist.

It has a satisfying, sinister feel of longing as first she and then he slowly tell their tales in very few words, taking the time to create an explanatory mood through carefully chosen verbs and nouns alongside the dream like sound rather than cramming the listener with extended description.

What follows half-escapes the curious melancholy with bolder brass and drums adding to the previous piano-led melody to add some tempo as the two voices finally entwine to croon the songs' title. The second half is certainly a slightly jollier affair, although this is difficult to determine from the lyrics which seem to only vaguely relate to the opening. Regardless of what it all means though, there is an uplifting end to the song, and if you are not sure it's confirmed by the firework sound effect which seems randomly added toward the end.

With Joan a former member of Rufus' band, it's no surprise that the two have been able to collaborate to create this theatrical highlight from To Survive, the second acclaimed Joan As Police Woman album. A tour is scheduled for this December and whilst it's very unlikely Wainwright will pop up for the duet as he did last week in New York, the grandiose style that this track promises should ensure a fantastic sound fills the small venues to be occupied.

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