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Glass Animals - ZABA

  • Written by  Alicja Tokarska

Despite being a relatively young band (the group formed in 2012, which does not make them a particularly longevous one), Glass Animals have already some big achievements under their belt. Having toured with Yeasayer and St. Vincent or playing at SXSW this year to name a few. As of June 9th, their debut album Zaba is finally out.

Stylistically very coherent, the mellow, almost other-worldly atmosphere that accompanies all eleven songs makes for a great listen when in need of some time off. What do I mean exactly? Well, Zaba works fine as a form of background music, but it achieves even better effect whilst there is nothing else to distract you from the music.

Dave Bailey's delicate but not-lacking-energy, hypnotizing, almost shaman-like vocals are definitely the first thing that will draw you to Glass Animals' album. Together with an extremely rhythmical sound, listening to Zaba becomes an incredibly enjoyable, practically cosmic experience. 

In spite of a large number of slow tempo tracks, Glass Animals' debut is also suitable for dancing too (or shaking your bones, as Bailey sings in 'Black Mambo'). The instantly catchy beat on 'Hazey',  ethnical drums on 'Walla Walla' and delicate, barely audible guitar riffs on 'Cocoa Hooves' are all prime examples. The jungle-like feel that is being carried throughout the whole of the record adds to its mystical, almost spiritual character. The other-worldly themes, such as “peanut butter vibes” ('Gooey') or “glitter thighs” ('Pools') are forever recurring throughout Zaba at the same time shaping the band's unique style.

There's only one word for the Oxford quartet's debut: stunning.

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