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We Came From Wolves - We Came From Wolves

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

We Came From Wolves have released their self-titled rock album. This album is heavier than their previous EPs, with it being mainly about the trials and tribulations of growing up and becoming an adult, leaving behind the child you were and the battle of if you should also leave behind their dreams and hopes.

Opening track 'Wolves' is interesting; it’s a minute long instrumental that slowly gets heavier as it plays. Although an unusual choice for the first track of a debut album it’s an effective one. Without any lyrics it still cleverly keeps the listener engaged and manages to set the tone for the album. Similarly the closing track ‘I Need Something’ is not what was expected, being a much slower and more relaxed song than any others on the album. It brings the album to a close well with the balance of relaxed slow beats and more rock influenced beats with the lyrics being just as powerful, allowing the song to be different and unexpected but without letting the album down or disrupting the flow.

We Came From Wolves have a killer combination of catchy melodies, huge hooks and honest lyrics anyone can relate to. Although all tracks have this killer combination they all seem to be different from the previous. ‘Glasgow Stranger’ a heavier song, which features blacking vocals of screaming is just as powerful as ‘Am I Useful’ and ‘Validate Me’ which are both slower songs.

That being said, the melodies and hooks don’t stop this albums angsty sound. Particularly ‘I Know You’re Leaving’ arguably the track with the most upbeat melody but still comes across as angsty. Not that this is a bad thing but it does seem to be something they did try to avoid.

Overall, the album sets We Came From Wolves up well as a band to watch, these songs sound ready to be performed in sold out shows with crowds screaming back the lyrics, truly an album made for live shows.

We Came From Wolves is available from amazon and iTunes.

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