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Jess Glynne - I Cry When I Laugh

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

Jess Glynne has already established herself in the pop and dance genres, so, well... it’s surprising that her debut album isn’t even out yet! Released on August 21st, it contains the hits she’s already known for such as ‘Rather Be’ with Clean Bandit on the deluxe version.

Glynne has become known for the big fun upbeat hits and there is no short supply of them on this album. Both ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ have been singles and both are becoming massive hits. ‘Gave Me Something’ embodies this tone yet still tells a strong story through the lyrics “you found me hiding with my heart hanging on the wall”; as does ‘You Can Find Me’ which tells the story of a long distance relationship and contains lyrics like “I’ll be your shadow when you leave alone”, proving that she’s not compromising her lyrics or talent for big hits.

Despite being full of big summer hits, this album still has emotional and heartfelt slower tracks. The opening track ‘Strawberry Fields’ is a short yet interesting opener, with an emotional but nostalgic tone to it. ‘Take Me Home’ is an emotionally charged track in which Glynne is asking for help and contains beautiful imagery lyrics such as “wrapped up so consumed by this hurt” and “will you take the wheel if I lose control.” ‘Why Me’ and ‘It’s Ain’t Right’ are both tracks that are emotional yet the beat creates a more serious tone, the other tracks are largely still happy or about finding yourself, they have a tone of “It’s going to be OK!” whereas these don’t. The lyrics thus feel more heartfelt, in ‘Why Me’ the use of backing vocals creates the impression of her screaming out.

Another type of track are the tracks that have a throwback retro vibe such as ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’, ‘Love Me’ and ‘No Rights, No Wrongs’, they are all upbeat tracks and add something new and refreshing to the album.

The deluxe edition of the album is 20 tracks long, and can feel just too long, it seems as though she has tried to include her whole discovery into one album. However, a lot of the tracks have already been successful in their own right and don’t need to be included again, which makes the album appear even longer.

Overall, it’s a really good album. Glynne has established herself well and the album is what you expect to hear from her: big summer hits with emotional lyrics.

I Cry When I Laugh is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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