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Don Broco - Automatic

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

Don Broco are back with their latest album Automatic and it is as good as the hype and buzz around it makes you believe. It’s got the signature and instantly recognisable Don Broco sound.

The opening track ‘Superlove’ is perfect for summing up Don Broco as a band, and the album. Similarly, ‘Automatic’ is the first single of the album and the title track, it’s an infectious song and a strong single from a strong album, that is sure to be a massive hit. Track four, ‘Fire’ is another incredibly infectious song, with a simple yet catchy chorus that sounds as though it was made to be screamed back by crowds when performed live.

Track eight, ‘Keep On Pushing’, is even more dancey than the other tracks on this album, despite having a harsher message of not being ready to grow or be in a serious relationship. Which is shown through lyrics such as: “I don’t know if I can do the things my friends are going through / They’re talking kids and mortgages.”

In addition, not all the tracks are upbeat ones. Both ‘What You Do To Me’ and ‘Nerve’ are slower tracks with more of a focus on the lyrics. For example ‘Nerve’ contains heartfelt lyrics such as “I hoped you didn’t know” and “How did you know I’d come crawling back?”

In addition, track seven ‘I Got Sick’ is also something refreshingly new on the album, whilst still keeping with the signature sound. As does ‘Tough On You’, which has a considerably different beat and vibe to the other tracks, making the track sound more serious with lyrics like: “Pretend it doesn’t matter / But you’re wearing thin.”

Overall, if you’re already a Don Broco fan you’ll love this album and it’s so good that it just might be the album that breaks them into the mainstream or the “big time”.

Automatic is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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