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Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School

Much is made just now of the supposed similarities between the ‘80s and the current time, based on who’s in government and some of the fashion mistakes now back on the high streets. Playing this album whilst musing on that will ably aid you in the pursuit of nostalgia for that decade.

Anything remotely funky or synth-driven from 30 years ago gets a look in here so you know you’re in for a resoundingly upbeat hour or so. Straight up pop-chart fillers mingle with seeming offcuts from the soundtracks of Prince films. All undeniably catchy and likely to have you clapping along or shimmying round the living room.

Scritti Politi, Duran Duran, Level 42 you name it – the major Radio 1/Smash Hits favourites from back then are all referenced at one point or another. Meaning of course that none are overly drawn upon thereby giving the album a freshness and personality all of its own. It’s not a lightweight, candy floss-like construction either – there’s a fair bit of depth on the moody 'Dear Skorpio Magazine' for example.

Had this been released a couple of months ago it would no doubt have rightly been being lauded as a major Summer party album. As it is it’ll need to take it’s chances in the colder months. It’s one of those you hear more in each time you play it and to be honest I was expecting it to utterly fail to reach me but have singularly been proved wrong in that regard. I blame growing up under Thatcher.

VEGA INTL. Night School is available from amazon and iTunes.

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