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Half Moon Run - Sun Leads Me On

  • Written by  Gareth Hack

After a highly successful debut with Dark Eyes in 2012, Half Moon Run return in 2015 with a much anticipated new release, Sun Leads Me On. The Montreal-based quartet present for a second time with all the finite details that contributed to their popularity with both critics and audiences the first time round. The intricacies within the songs are what make the album a colourful stockpile of material.

The delicate FleetWood Mac suggestiveness in ‘I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On’ sits unfazed alongside the snappy and dark ‘Consider Yourself’, this seems to be a trending theme. It is as though Half Moon Run have purposely sought out more freedom for the follow up. Moving from a primarily indie, rock and folk persuasion on their debut, the album has the same characteristics but with added texture and dexterity. More electronic than its predecessor, Sun Leads Me On has given the group yet another musical avenue to broaden their already honourable capabilities. 

Although there are new pieces to the Half Moon Run jigsaw, the group still know how to produce beautifully elegant and profound tracks. ‘Hands In The Garden’, ‘Turn Your Love’ and ‘Everybody Wants’ are all enlightening, engaging, and contain great vocal performances with lyrical content to match. Full of thought, purpose and meaning. Sun Leads Me On is a very well compiled collection of tracks. Showing the group’s maturity and growth in its finest form.

Unafraid, courageous and full of confidence. Some songs may seem gentle and unthreatening, but the true threat, is how brilliant the group are at pulling off these types of tracks. Not many can come close to such execution. But on this release, Half Moon Run aren't happy leaving listeners with a mellow tale of heart rupturing sadness, instead, ‘Trust’ is a hard hitting synth dance track that is massively infectious. Its a great way to finish a clever album.  Sun Leads Me On is catchy, resilient and full of everything that fans had previously loved about this band.

You can buy Sun Leads Me On via Amazon & iTunes 

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