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Half Moon Run, Trinity, Bristol

  • Written by  Gareth Hack

With a newly released album that tells of both morals and belief, along with a collection of well-remembered older material at the ready, Montreal’s Half Moon Run deliver their own musical sermon at a former Holy Church at Trinity, Bristol.

A sell-out show in an intimate and impressive building only begs the question, how long before this group no longer perform for audiences of 600, but instead double that, in larger venues. There is a sense that it wont take much time at all and opener ‘Turn Your Love’, is exactly why the clock is ticking at an impressive rate. Strip lights dot the stage, flicking on and off and entwine themselves between the four band members.

By jumping straight into such a quick first song, the group allow themselves to impressively balance their set throughout the evening with more moderate tracks such as ‘Nerve’ and ‘Unofferable’. All is as it should be and this is without doubt a reflection in the band members’ attitudes on stage. Lead singer Devon Portielje smiles and thanks the cheering Bristol audience for returning after the original shows rescheduling and glances at guitarist Conner Molander, who is also sharing a moment of such gratitude.

Half Moon Run’s live show never seems to seek out an easy route, and without doubt, the thought of giving a performance that doesn't meet expectation is totally out of the question. The band play with passion and sincerity, and honestly look to be enjoying every note that is travelling through the old church.

New additions from recent release Sun Leads Me On, work well in the set alongside favourites from previous album Dark Eyes, but none more so than ‘Full Circle’. An obvious audience pleaser that has the crowd singing every word directly back to the Canadian group.

Realisation hits hard. Half Moon Run are building something thoroughly noteworthy and everyone in the building knows it.

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