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Hinds - Leave Me Alone

  • Written by  Kyle McCormick

Having spent three months studying in Spain – although describing Barcelona as Spain is perhaps a little risqué in certain situations – before returning to a Glasgow winter, I feel somewhat of a longing to return, and a connection with the people in general.

The debut album by Madrid quartet Hinds therefore seems to serve as some reminiscent reminder of a time gone by, of sun, fun, and terribly monotonous technical work (though the music doesn't really reflect the latter). Bristling with joy and whimsy, Leave Me Alone is a record apparently designed for drunken singing and dancing, or at least that's the atmosphere of messy socialising it creates.

Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote's vocals are imbued with all the passion of an eager karaoke singer, though with a consideration higher quality execution, and Hinds' music is a charming kind of fuzzy garage indie. The lyrics are entirely in English, and appear to address one or perhaps several levels with equal levels of desire and disgust.

The interplay between lead and rhythm and guitar is particular fun, like on 'Easy' where the jangling chords are sliced up by a distorted riff throughout, whilst partially faded lyrics weave another tail of not-so-perfect love. 'Solar Gap' is a passive instrumental number which leads into single 'Chili Town', which encapsulates the Hinds style with its wandering guitar line, harmonised dual vocals, and gentle approach on the edge of raucous party mode.

Following another single, 'San Diego', arguably the album's strongest slice of optimistic fuzz, Leave Me Alone takes a sombre turn on the final stretch to its completion. 'And I Will Send Your Flowers Back' is gentle, 'I'll Be Your Man' is endearing, and closer 'Walking Home' injects a suitable level of energy to conclude an engaging and smile-inducing album.

An excellent blend of fiesta and siesta, Hinds' debut record Leave Me Alone has delivered on the anticipation and promise presented by earlier releases and performances. This quartet are undoubtedly cool, and are providing a welcome ray of sunshine to cut through the dreary winter.

Leave Me Alone is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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