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Milk Teeth - Vile Child

  • Written by  Adam Long

Milk teeth
have refined their sound of grunge rock on their debut album, Vile Child which is set to come out on Hopeless Records this month. It’s refreshing to hear the genre in recent times with it making a sure fire resurgence. Lead singer Becky Blomfield’s vocals are also unique and give the music an edge that improves the overall sound ten fold. They bring something new to the table that is hard to find with other bands in the genre. There seems to be a mould that a lot of bands are falling into at the moment, but Milk Teeth are sincere, hard-working and evolving as proved by their latest effort.

The first track, 'Brickwork' which is also the first single taken from the album, mix’s the two vocals of Blomfield and guitarist, Josh Bannister well. Angst as hell, it’s a song we can imagine playing full blast on the way to a festival. The guitar work and vocal harmony draws you in from the start and will have you wanting more.

The next track that stands out is 'Moon Wanderer' which is as atmospheric as grunge gets. It showcases Blomfield’s vocals at their best and gives you an idea of just what these guys are capable of writing.

As the album goes on we find more and more reasons to put the album on repeat. Songs like ‘Brain Food’ and ‘Swear Jar’ are shining examples of this. The songs where Bannister takes the lead may not seem as impressive, as it sounds like a completely different band and one that doesn't fit in with the sound that is associated with Milk Teeth. The album is well produced though, and with rough edges it’s sound’s exactly how you would want a grungy album to sound on a whole.

We can’t honestly find a real low point on the album, it's consistent and current whilst showcases something new that we can all get excited about for once. As for the future, well Milk Teeth will be on the road more than staying at home this year, so there won’t be a shortage of opportunities to see potentially the next big thing.

Vile Child is available from the 29th via Amazon & iTunes.

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