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The Madcaps - Hot Sauce

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'Unhinged, deranged, completely mad garage savages, The Madcaps, from Rennes, in western France, are pedlars of fast-paced adolescent punk, held together with tight beats and wrapped up in fuzzy guitar' with the power to 'induce longitudinal motion in the listeners’ hips'.

I’m expecting great things after reading that blurb taken from the press release...

Hot Sauce is the second LP from the boys within the past year; following March 2015’s self titled release. Having not heard the first LP I can't comment, however the press release states that they are 'set to unveil a little more of their clear penchant for American garage, and the British beat music of the '60s'.

Whilst you definitely get those flavours coming through, I wouldn't go as far to say that those sounds were predominant. Overall the LP captures said ‘60s American garage and English beat, but also pop, surf, that crazy mod stuff, and a bit of psych; not to mention '70s/'80s new wave and '90s brit pop - phew! They have taken some of the best sounds of the past 50 years or so, and made them their own; and what really comes through is something quite sublime. It's light, breezy, very squeezy and fun with a big fat capital F.

All tracks are very listenable. 'Too Big For Your Boots' has a wee bit of fuzz creeping in there, come on boys - don’t be shy with the fuzz! Twang-y 'One More Chance' is brilliant. 'Walking Back Home' is very much a sultry 60’s girl group number, but sung by boys. 'Crack Me Up' is a psych delight. 'Rainy Day' is kinda what I imagine it would sound like if you put the original Madcap himself Syd Barrett into a blender with The Small Faces / Beach Boys and Blur.

Sunny fuzzy French garage pop with added oomph.

Hot Sauce is available on vinyl, CD and digital download from iTunes & Howlin' Banana Records.

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