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Virgin Kids - Greasewheel


The debut album from London trio Virgin Kids manages musically to successfully live up to the jokey, scuzzy image of themselves they've chosen for the release's cover. Thirty minutes or so of Black Lips/Wavves-like garage punk awaits you, including a cover of The Clean's 'Beatnik'.

Mid-way through Greasewheel takes on a more mature mantel in the shape of the slower, more emotionally charged 'Shrink', which breaks things up nicely. There's more to these lads than the jangly, tongue in cheek nonsense of 'Be Your Friend' and the immediacy of 'Bruised Knees' and 'Cracks In A Colour'.

Unfortunately this is most definitely an album of two halves. Part one races past filled with youthful vigour and with both middle digits in the air giving it out to whatever in the world you personally want to rail against. Part two, despite that depth occasioned by 'Shrink', is largely forgettable despite too the valient effort that is 'Sentimental Youth' right at the very end.

Live you can imagine the band are every bit as entertaining as the likes of Jacuzzi Boys or PAWS but, for a full-length, release this doesn't fully do their talents justice. The ability is there though so next time around things could well all fall into place.

Greasewheel is available from amazon.

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