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Lucius - Good Grief

  • Written by  Ashley Stein

With a solid back catalogue of EP’s and two other albums behind them, Lucius have released Good Grief to an awaiting audience and a major international fan base. Their solid instrumentation, pop hooks and siren like vocals have earned them recognition as a band rapidly on the rise to glory. These are hardworking and dedicated musicians with the ability to pack emotion and talent into their music, something which practically bleeds from each tracks.

Good Grief is a break up album from start to finish. Lucius have crafted a song for every stage of the journey and presented it in a beautiful, catchy yet relatable manner. 'Something About You' starts the theme: “There’s something about you I can’t describe, if only you could see yourself through my eyes” they gush. The 80’s style synth noise used gives this track an ageless tone and has a great hook filled chorus.

'What We Have (To Change)' comes next. The song's content, gives it a serious country vibe even though none of the instrumentation points that way. The feelings of sadness start to appear near the end of this track which makes it slide so well in to the next, 'My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve'. Here, we have reached the break up. Only piano and violins accompany the vocals bringing such a sense of sadness and surrender to this piece.

Up next is 'Gone Insane', it so expertly depicts the anger and betrayal that comes with a rough break up. The song builds up from simple vocals and synth to singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig practically screaming the chorus: “Go on call me the one who’s gone insane, I’ll be the one who’s gone insane”. The track fades out with an exhausted sigh, the whole thing is so wonderfully executed.

Finally we come out of the depression and in to the light with 'Born Again Teen'. This song feels like Good Grief is actually a concept album in disguise and lyrics like: “It’s a feeling like a born again teen got a heartbeat like we’re only 16”. Lucius have an inherent ability to create an atmosphere around a song, you are truly brought into the story they are telling you; songs are so descriptive both musically and lyrically.

Good Grief will be a game changer for Lucius, a brilliant and engrossing album from start to finish.  

Good Grief is available via Amazon & iTunes.

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