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Matt Corby - Telluric

  • Written by  Kyle McCormick

Reportedly created in its first form over three years ago, before being scrapped in order to return to basics, Matt Corby’s debut album Telluric has been a long time in the making to say the least. Following an Australian Idol appearance, and some success in the past, Corby honed his craft and this record in a cottage in New South Wales. The result is a soulful debut, accented with an air of sophistication and a hint of promise.

Whilst Telluric appears to lack in anything of serious note or substance for the most part, this is where its strength lies, in being utterly relaxed and unpretentious. There are no garish musical flourishes, or audacious lyrical trickery, Corby simply uses his multi-instrumentalist talents and apparent penchant for a subdued soundscape to create track after track of soothing atmosphere.

’Belly Side Up’ through ‘Wrong Man’ are relatively subdued, before ‘Sooth Lady Wine’ introduces a little sultry swagger into the proceedings, with a sauntering guitar line and Corby’s vocal taking on a more emotive tone throughout. ‘Do You No Harm’ stumbles into view before some impassioned backing vocals provide it with a lively edge, before retreating before a tender closing, a trajectory that makes this one of the record’s stand out tracks.

’We Could Be Friends’ possesses an air of nostalgia and suave, as the track sashays towards its wonderfully sassy outro and into the endearing ‘Why Dream’. ‘Good To Be Alone’, an almost-instrumental, guitar-led charmer follows before the closing track ‘Empires Attraction’ brings Telluric the considered and slow-paced close it deserves.

Overall, Telluric is an endearing record, whose beauty lies in its relative simplicity. With Corby playing all instrumental parts himself, the quality of the record could be considered as heightened due to the involved skill, but the musical quality stands up to scrutiny regardless. Drawing on a variety of influences from a range of genres, Corby has created a gloriously enjoyable debut record in his own loving style.

Telluric is available from iTunes and Amazon.

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