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Various Artists - So Low (Compiled by JD Twitch)

  • Written by  Fran Sad

Released in February this year on The Vinyl Factory, this compilation of cold wave, both surprising and wonderful, doesn't just lift the veil on what you could
hear in the clubs of the UK but on what has been hidden until now, the dark side of the cold wave in short. As Keith McIvor (aka JD Twitch) has chosen the titles on So Low from the more personal discs he used to spin in his sets in the '80s in Scotland,
Glasgow in particular. The gathering together here is a way to share a bygone era with a generation that has not lived and another that would have forgotten. Starting with the metronomic and disturbing 'Victims Of Crimes Victimless' by John Bender So Low soon races on with Hunting Lodge and his
'Tribal Warning Shot'. Then comes the 'Discipline (Berlin)' of Throbbing Gristle, the latter reminding us that suicide was not the only work in the deconstruction
of rhythm at the time. Front 242 to appear, via this 'Kampfbereit', far from the EBM we know them for and also almost a warm-up for the next group, The Klinik. All the artists gathered together on So Low make this compilation a real Pandora's box of a very dark time but one we still would have liked to know better.

So Low is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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