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Fitz and The Tantrums – Fitz and The Tantrums

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

Fitz and The Tantrums are back with their self-titled album. Still featuring the band's high energy, catchy chorus and upbeat style this album is sure to be a massive summer hit.

’Handclap’ is a great opener and lead single, it a catchy track that would make a perfect summer hit and engages the listener getting them excited for the album. Catchy songs are what this album does best. ‘Burn it Down’ is a slower more soulful track yet is still catchy with hints of electronics in the melody. In addition ‘Roll Up’ has a playful beat with reminisce of Alice in Wonderland and lyrics such as: “I don’t care / Where we’re dancing tonight / Just as long as you’re there” making it a feel good summer track.

The album centres around summer, not only with beats being made to be played while enjoying the sun but with their lyrics; ‘Walking Target’ is about a summer romance (“I’ve been waiting all year to come and find you”) along with ‘Do What You Want’ about giving into love (”I know it’s probably suicide / But I don’t care it’s a sweet temptation”) and ‘A Place For Us’ about the freedom that comes with summer (“‘Cause we’re marching to the best out in the open air”).

Despite being an overall strong album, with its perfectly timed release, midway through the album it starts to feel a bit repetitive. The lyrics in each track are repeated so often it makes them feel longer than they are and skip-able, with ‘Fadeback’ feeling too long and ‘Run It’ having the same beat style. That being said, ‘Get Right Back’ is the much needed change with a more electronic beat to shake it up without feeling out of place, although the lyrics are again repeated too much in the track. If a few tracks featured this it wouldn’t be an issue, however due to the format being used in most of the tracks it becomes disengaging.

Overall the album is sure to be a hit this summer, with songs made for blasting in the heat and being screamed at festivals. The album as a whole is upbeat and has a catchy feel making everyone who hears it wants to dance and clap along.

Fitz and The Tantrums is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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