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The Afghan Whigs Release Black Love 20th Anniversary Edition

Black Love turns 20 this year, and a special edition comes out on Mute Records this Friday. The album will be a double-CD and a triple-vinyl, with both formats featuring a newly remastered version of the original album, plus nine previously unreleased demos, outtakes and studio jams.

Released in the spring of 1996, Black Love was the Afghan Whigs’ fifth studio album. They were fresh off the worldwide success of Gentlemen. They had toured the world, graced magazine covers, television performances, major festivals, the works. Their eighth album is due next year on SubPop.

In December, The Afghan Whigs will play two benefit shows in New Orleans and Los Angeles to assist long-time guitarist Dave Rosser, who was recently diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer.

A donation fund has been set up for fans who cannot attend but wish to contribute to the medical care here.

Black Love: 20th Anniversary Edition

Disc One;

    1.      Crime Scene Part One

    2.      My Enemy

    3.      Double Day

    4.      Blame, Etc.

    5.      Step Into The Light

    6.      Going To Town

    7.      Honky’s Ladder

    8.      Night By Candlelight

    9.      Bulletproof

    10.    Summer’s Kiss

    11.    Faded


Disc Two;

    1.      Go To Town – Acoustic Version/Mix

    2.      Leaving Town – Mix 1.0

    3.      Faded – Demo

    4.      Regret

    5.      Crime Scene Part II – Mix 1.1 with Scratch Vocals

    6.      Mick Taylor Jam

    7.      Wynton Kelly Jam

    8.      I Often Think Of You

    9.      Staring Across The Water

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