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Ty Segall - Ty Segall

Having had only three albums released in 2016 the bettors amongst you may well get good odds on him topping that this year, seeing as we’re not out of January yet and Ty Segall’s dropping a new album upon us. Cheeky chap that he is it’s self-titled (the musical equivalent of an untitled artwork) & so named the same as his 2008 album. Cue a possible boost to back-catalogue sales.

Musically this is Segall’s first album with a full band for a while although how you’d know that just by listening to it I’ve no idea. Style-wise it would easily pass a blind test as having his hands all over it. Speaking of hands there’s a ten minute track in the third slot of the ten, ‘Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)’, which is rather like the album in miniature – ferocious bits and languid, noodly bits. This works fine on record but live it could possibly be a bore.

Ty Segall starts off with one of those ferocious bits as opening track ‘Break A Guitar’ races out of the speakers. Not quite as much of a punch to the face as ‘Falling In’ in the similar position on last year’s Goggs but definitely a near relative.

Elsewhere (on ‘Orange Color Queen’ for example) Segall’s interest in Marc Bolan is as evident as ever, his voice resembling the late singer’s on a number of the album’s softer tracks. ‘Papers’ and ‘Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)’, towards the album’s end are probably two of Segall’s most mature songs, particularly the piano arrangement on the former. Not that there’s anything wrong with the fun elements that a bit of immaturity can bring to proceedings (which is what we love him for).

Ty Segall ends rather abruptly as it turns out that the tenth track is in fact just 12 seconds long so may as well be the recording of a fart. It’s called ‘Untitled’, which is where we came in. 

Ty Segall is available from amazon.

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