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Splashh - Waiting A Lifetime


Waiting A Lifetime, Splashh's second album, offers up a very pleasant set of ten tunes. A strong laidback vibe pervades the whole work and it washes over you like lukewarm surf. Lyrically there are some nice moments, such as "you are a sunset that went too soon" on penultimate track 'Under The Moon', a particularly stand out four minutes of shoegaze-meets-Eighties synth.

Stabs at urgency appear at the album's beginning with 'Rings' and at the end on the title track but they're passages of blissed out energy rather than the sort that have you jumping off your seat and running for the dancefloor.

As a result of the above Waiting A Lifetime can lose your attention in the middle. I found myself concentrating on the final two songs mostly because I remembered that what was on the player was something I was listening to with a purpose, rather than because they stood out from the overall mood created by the work.

Not that this is a bad thing here - plenty of albums have a similar effect and utterly pass you by (whether you're meant to be writing about them or not) yet Waiting A Lifetime succeeds in leaving behind a residue to snag enough of your attention for you to have the impression that you've enjoyed the experience, even if you're not quite sure what it was. You'll listen again to establish a better grasp of things and another layer will be added.

With debut album Comfort Splashh had a bit more pace and edge to their sound as well as a few songs which finished too soon. On Waiting A Lifetime the edge has been planed down somewhat, the pace has slackened and the songs are all more fully formed, making for an interesting expansion of their sound and overall craft.

Waiting A Lifetime is available from amazon & iTunes.

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