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Spoon - Hot Thoughts

  • Written by  Gareth Hack

Now in their 24th year as a band, Spoon are still experimenting and pushing genre boundaries on 2017’s Hot Thoughts.

Beginning the record with an electronic jerky feel, title track ‘Hot Thoughts’ rings out a smoothly tense and echoey launch. The unpredictable nature of this record as it unfolds its various musical styles throughout is refreshing to hear. There are nods to dance, indie rock, post-punk and garage rock in there, but not for long. Blink and its dispersed. Just as you've had time to decipher in which direction Spoon have decided to take you, you’re left bewildered and intrigued. ‘Can I Sit Next To You’ and ‘WhisperI’lllistentohearit’ are restless and enthralling highlights.

Moving away from the lo-fi sounds of 2014’s They Want My Soul, Hot Thoughts has moved in a much more digital direction but hasn't forgotten to skilfully blend instrumentation into its craft. Britt Daniel’s gravelly voice accommodates each style particularly well and the power that he achieves is carried out rather smartly in addition. Packed with disco beats and alternative offerings Hot Thoughts is neither unsurprising or lacking in variation. It is in fact quite the opposite. With its modern and refreshing perspectives on musicality, it is perhaps a route that isn't used often enough – luckily one that Spoon are willing to hurtle through.

Seeing off the record with an ominous saxophone passage, Spoon’s goodbye in ‘Us’ is in clear contrast to the edgy tracks that come beforehand. It is an exit until the next time. Spoon have assembled yet another brilliant set of songs and presented them in a way in which they should be delighted with. There is absolutely no risk of boredom here and they have made sure of it.

Hot Thoughts is available via Amazon and iTunes. 

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