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Ysgol Sul Release 'Silhouette'

Ysgol Sul recently self-released their first collection of English language songs, Eventide, to a warm reception. The West Wales three-piece now release ‘Silhouette’; the opening track from their Eventide EP, it's an affecting song replete with a sense of yearning with singer Iolo Jones's wistful sigh meditating upon an unfulfilled summer. Framed by exquisite jangling guitars, the evocative interplay between bass and drums: swelling to glorious widescreen crescendos.

Brought together by a mutual love of the ‘90s underground, Iolo Jones (singer, guitarist), Llew Davies (drummer), Cian Owen (bass guitar), formed Ysgol Sul in 2014. Having released several singles and an EP called Huno, the band has managed to earn a cult following within the Welsh language scene.    

On the EP, ‘Promise Me’ sees a return to the trio’s early surfy sound, drenched in reverb. ‘Elsewhere’ is an unholy union of haunting distant sounds and a fierce unrelenting beat. Introverted lyrics coupled with sweet harmonies are brought to the EP by ‘Dwell’. Krautrock locomotive, ‘Solitude’, closes the collection. Eventide is a stark departure from the slacker and languor of their debut EP, and introduces a touch of darkness to the bands dreamy sound. 





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