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Milk Teeth - Go Away (EP)

  • Written by  Marky Edison

Straight outta Stroud, Milk Teeth release their second EP, Go Away, on Roadrunner Records. Having caused a stir with their debut album, Vile Child, last year, they have already faced a backlash and accusations of selling out. They’ve answered their detractors in the best possible way: continuing to put out music at a furious pace. They’ve toured with the likes of Refused, Against Me!, Creeper, Frank Iero, Title Fight and Frank Carter, but Milk teeth are still young and you can hear them straining to forge their own identity and sound through their successive records.

They’ve a broad palette of influences informing their songwriting. From the American style pop-punk of ‘I Stabbed You First’, and the Green Day-indebted ‘Nearby Catfight’, the conflict between their songwriting abilities and their desire to rock hard is apparent. ‘Lillian’ has an exhilarating, call-and-response chorus between lead singer Becky Blomfield and bassist Billy Hutton. The blazing power chords and off-kilter rhythms buoy the vocal combat to a thrilling conclusion.


Closing track, ‘Big Sky’, points to the future for the band while also reflecting the more adventurous material from Vile Child. It’s a contemplative, spacious composition. The juxtaposition with the quieter, ominous verses makes the heavy, weaving riffage on the chorus seem all the heavier by contrast. Milk Teeth may not be the finished article yet but they are cranking out some serious tunes en route. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. 

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