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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Young Adult

  • Written by  Becky Mahon

It feels like it has been a while since the lush voice of Sam Duckworth was heard, but have no fear, as the latest release, Young Adult, from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is a cracker. It has been a long four years since we last heard from the Southend singer, but opening track Adults proves that his natural song-writing talents haven’t gone anywhere. Adults has Duckworth discussing how fake news can lead to us believing things we shouldn’t and the effect they have on us. It appears as a song explaining the bleakness of modern-day adult life and the effect the media has on us. The strings remain easy and relax you into the deep meaning behind the lyrics, proving that Duckworth still has a way to send said meaning in a charming way.

‘Man2Man is an upbeat track with an infectious chorus that you could easily find yourself having a good old boogie. Or, with a drink in hand, in a festival field, chanting about how you have been let down in life and found yourself going in a different direction than you had planned. The track that follows DNA is a lovely little acoustic number that you can use to ease yourself to sleep to. Even with the rather subtle political message that runs through it. Do not worry though, it is a level one kind of political message, simply about the pressure of life and the cruel treatment of some. You can still zone out to it with a brew on a Sunday afternoon.

Scrapbook is a song that everyone can relate to, it is about losing yourself and missing the person you used to be in your teenage years. The lyrics are simple for Duckworth but they will definitely pull on the heartstrings of everyone that longs to relive those teenage memories before adult life took over. ‘Animate displays an edgier vocal range from Duckworth, so much so, that it'll make you all warm with hopes of sunshine, as it has a wonderful summer festival vibe. The lyrics suggest that we should stop, pause and take a moment to enjoy life and as he effortlessly howls: “hold the line, were just burning through the time”. He has a point you know!

The album takes a funkier turn during ‘VHS Forever’. It screams early 90’s and 00’s, complete with trumpets and even a little bit of fuzz in the beginning. It is easily the stand out the track of the album and will certainly pull in new fans. The more lively songs continue with the lyrically brilliant ‘Just a Phase’ in which Duckworth manages to rhyme Nostradamus with pyjamas. I challenge any other artist to beat that rhyming skills.

Closing track What Haves’ is a fitting track and has Duckworth proudly singing how he doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to regret his former decisions. Expressing once again how becoming an adult can lead to you losing your former self. It is a perfect way to close an album that is about the fear of adulthood.

Young Adults is an album that has been well worth the hiatus. It is an album that is relatable to everyone on multiple levels as Duckworth has managed to create music about the fear of growing up and the doubt of losing your youth; a collective fear that everyone shares. It is a five-star album and a victorious return for the Southend singing hero, Sam Duckworth. 

Find out more about Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, here. 

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