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Canine Get Arty And Mysterious With Live Video

Canine's new EP, Canine, is out today via Polydor France.  The first extract 'Twin Shadow' has already been gaining momentum amongst French tastemakers including Les Inrocks, Liberation, Kombini, Tsugi with a warm welcome at radio, being playlisted on major French station France Inter. Canine have also filmed a live session with La Blogothèque at Studio Paris due for release soon.

At the heart of Canine's music is the concept of voice. Multi-faceted vocals like a prism, deep or ethereal, polyphonic or solitary. Voices that come together like an ageless, sexless choir. Vocals that express internal conflict, reconciling all the many different personalities that exist within each and every one of us. The compositions are organic, flowing, and sometimes primitive in feel.  After releasing three songs in 2016 ‘Glow’, ‘Laughing’ and ‘Two Weeks’ (FKA Twigs cover), French audiences have been intrigued by the mystery surrounding Canine’s identity and inspired by its sacred, shamanic soul and gospel voices.

In presenting the project to media and industry in 2016, Canine took the singular approach of playing a show in The Church Saint-Eustache in Paris, a breathtaking gothic, renaissance setting in the First Arrondissement. This heightened the fascination, with the stage presenting many figures with shadowy roles, hidden behind masks, delivering incantatory songs. Key music journalists including JD Beauvallet (Les Inrocks) made fervent attempts to unveil the identity behind the music, with no artist’s name provided other than an enigmatic symbol. Was the artist a woman, a man or a group?

Canine EP Track-listing


2.Twin Shadow


4.Could We




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