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James Flow Has No Time To Waste

The power of positivity meets artistry in James Flow and his new single, ‘No Time’, off this year’s EP, OverFlow. “I was fed up with all the negative and toxic things in my life,” James Flow recalls on the six-track May 2018 release. “I decided to make a change.”

Making decisions and following through is something of a mantra for the Toronto-area artist. “It was throughout all the changes I was making and the constant ‘letting go’ of things that didn’t help me that I created OverFlow,” he shares. “It was while meeting and working with producer Ovrthro that the name of the album came about. We really tried to match each others’ energy when it came to the music.”

Energy plays a vital role in James Flow’s multi-faceted artistry. A jack-of-all-trades with a ‘golden touch’ when it comes to creative endeavours, James Flow sits comfortably in the driver’s seat of his songwriting, recording, sound engineering, photography, videography, video directing, and then some.

“Being an artist my whole life, I had no choice but to see things differently,” shares the word maestro and young philosopher. “I used to think it was selfish to take my own time as a priority over other things, but I realized around 12 years old, you gotta make time for yourself in order to enjoy your time with others. You realize, you must prioritize yourself unless you’re okay with finishing last.”

 “When I was creating the concept for the “No Time” video, I was thinking about how time waits for no one. I want to be in a situation where it’s at my luxury and that’s the mindset I came into this whole record with. You can watch the story of the video and view it as my ‘last straw’ where my character progressively gets his time wasted until…”




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