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GØGGS - Pre Strike Sweep

Album number two from Ty Segall, Charlie Mootheart, Chris Shaw & Michael Anderson finds the quartet taking up where 2016's self-titled debut long player left off. Similarly to what he was up to at that time Ty's, for my money, released one of the best album's you'll find this (or any other) year, followed by the mediocre Joy in collaboration with Tim Presley. Pre Strike Sweep happily blows off the cobwebs which may have accumulated around that latter album.

Opening track 'Killing Time' assaults you right away and then rips along for three riff and phaser-heavy minutes. If you're not nodding your head off by the end of it then you probably need to listen to something else.

The full-on approach of Pre Strike Sweep continues on the title track (they do like that phaser pedal a lot) as the riffs, insistent vocals and pounding drums don't let up for a second. And so it goes for the other nine songs.

Which means there's not a great deal more which can be said about the release. Nuanced it ain't so there's no tricky little details to turn you on to and I doubt the lyrics exhibit a mass of memorable turns of phrase. It's a fast paced rocking, punky record & right up your street if that's your bag. If the calmer part of the musical spectrum is where your cup of tea lies, however, then as previously stated you need to back off now. We'll be playing it for a while yet though.

Segall's next release is a covers album (Fudge Sandwich, out October 26th). Despite his outstanding version of 'Everyone's A Winner' the memory of those T-Rex covers still lingers with me so I'll not be rushing to play that, in which case his next next full-length should hopefully be the first great album of 2019.

Pre Strike Sweep is available from In The Red Records here.

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