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Penny Mob Are 21st Century Kids

Penny Mob; one of the UK’s most exciting and new up and coming rock bands. Formed in London by Scottish singer-songwriter Jamie Quinn and Lincolnshire born drummer Andrew Mullan, two childhood friends who came together with a vision to form the kind of raw, honest and authentic rock n roll band they felt was missing from the current music scene.

Now with the debut music video of their single “21st Century Kids”, they are looking to cement that reputation. Written as a “soundtrack to the social media generation” the strong message of the track and video stays true to the band’s original ethos; to “write about real issues and observations of the world around them, with a hearts on the sleeve, unapologetic, no bullshit – honesty. Whilst at the same time, making people want to dance their heads off!”

 “It was written as a kind of anthem for the millennial generation, about the effect that computer technology has on our lives and the world, and all the superficialities that surround it. I remember seeing this young and attractive couple in a restaurant once, and they were both on their phones for what seemed like the whole meal, just ignoring one another, particularly him. And I thought, “What can possibly be more interesting on that phone right now than the beautiful girl sitting across from you?” And the answer is nothing, it’s bullshit. We spend so much time on gadgets, being kind of brainwashed, obsessing over other peoples lives, comparing ourselves to them, to celebrities – there are millions of people in the world right now who are feeling shit about themselves somewhere because they feel they don’t look as good as some photoshopped “star” or some other perfect looking person they see on a computer screen everyday. This happens with everyone! And it’s just fake, it’s meaningless. And you’ve got to remind yourself of that. Of course, the internet and things like it can bring great things as well, give us information and help us connect, but there’s a dark side to it, it’s used as a control mechanism, like a politicians and advertisers wet dream. And it just makes you want to say “FUCK IT” to all of it. PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN, TALK TO ONE ANOTHER, LOSE YOURSELF IN MUSIC, GO TO A ROCK N ROLL GIG, FUCKING CHAT TO THAT GIRL IN THE RESTAURANT, DO SOMETHING THAT FEELS REAL AND ALIVE! But I guess that’s a part of the world now, we’re all guilty of it, every one of us. We’re all 21st Century Kids.”




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