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Lokki Releases New Video for High

Lokki today releases the video for his latest single ‘High’ which is out now as a split single alongside ‘On Our Own’ via Wolf Tone (The Horrors, Rosie Lowe). It’s the first new music from Lokki - the solo project of Glass Animals’ Drew MacFarlane - since his debut EP Cirrhi which arrived earlier this year. Following solo shows across 2018, the new release will be followed by soon-to-be-announced live dates from Drew.

Sprung from writing sessions at his flat in leafy South London, the deliciously off-beat pop of ‘High’ finds Drew fleshing out the nocturnal vulnerability which characterised so much of the gauzy Cirrhi EP. Picking at that disconnect between the individual & collective experience, ’High’ refracts a nervy questioning of identity through MacFarlane’s love for classical composition.

“A big part of the song is about zooming way out, seeing your life (and other peoples’ lives) fast forwarded, a bit like a time lapse. The paint moving across the screen plays with everything in the video, including me, mirroring how all of our actions ripple out into the world, even though we don’t always see it.”

Whilst both ‘High’ and ‘On Our Own’ began life as arrangements for a string quartet, they bear out a refreshingly on-the-fly approach to creating new music. “I think it’s good to allow songs to take their course and become what they’re supposed to be” says Drew, “Rather than imposing order from the outside. I think there’s definitely a way of looking at it which is ‘what does the song need?’ rather than ‘what do I want?’. It’s deciding at what point in a song’s evolution you choose to record it, to add lyrics. It’s about letting things unfold”.




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