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Arthur Wimble Releases ‘I'll Pretend’

‘I’ll Pretend’, best described as conflicting downtempo synth pop, is the latest single from producer, Arthur Wimble. Following on the success of his debut EP, that got re-released through Kitsune, and his recent single ‘Miss You’. ‘I'll Pretend’ is about “when you're wanting to commit to your love, but they are being ruthless with your heart and emotions and treating you like shit, throwing it in your face. You could treat them the same if you slumped to their level... but that's not your style”

Arthur Wimble is an Australian artist and producer, heralded for his dynamic and emotionally coloured take on antipodean EDM. His music - inspired by the likes of James Blake, Andy Bull, Jai Paul – is all at once self-destructive and blooming. Using artificial sounds and warm, rhythmic language as counterpoint, the artist spins a complex soundboard that has all the markings of an exciting new talent.

Arthur Wimble uploaded the track, ‘I Love My Love’, to Triple J Unearthed late in 2015 to small acclaim. Teef Records took an interest, signing the artist, and releasing three singles. What followed was the culmination of Wimble’s unique sensibilities into the EP, Hearts, (2016).





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