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nAbi’s Chilling Video For 'SamSam'

The name nAbi is both the Hebrew and Arab word for “prophet”, immediately hinting at this project's wild intentions. As the brainchild of the two Tel-Aviv music producers Ori Rousso and Matan Spenser, nAbi simmers scorching electro-bass and hip-hop jams with arrangements and instrumentation from the group's Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritage. Their own particular combo of traditional Jewish Yemenite sounds and club beats has a long legacy in dance history; from Coldcut's cheekily uncredited sample of Ofra Haza in the benchmark remix of Eric B And Rakim's ‘Paid In Full’, to the more recent record-breaking results of A-WA updating the Yemenite sound all the way to the top of the charts all over the Middle East.

Ori and Matan who have been working together for 8 years, have made an effort to reach out to the talented hotpot of artists in their field by collaborating with local artists rather than sampling older music. This is evident on their first single ‘Sam Sam’, which includes the Yemenite musician Ariel Nahum. Musical community is a big theme of their project: "We come from a middle eastern country that is soaked in the cultures of the people who live here, who originally came from Arabic countries and at the same time this is a place that is heavily connected and influenced by western culture and we believe that expressing this combination through our music is the best way for us to express our identity”.

‘Sam Sam’ is a definitive taste of the direction nAbi is heading,, tipping their hat to the lush mixes of their influences. Out today, it’s intense video takes a few cues from Breaking Bad. Video producers Shlomy x March had this to say, “We really wanted to create a narrative and the idea came from the name of the song- SAM SAM (Sesame is called in Hebrew "Sum Sum" and in Arabic-" Sam Sam", It has a broad use in the foods in the middle east).  We chose a location that fits the story accurately and created the atmosphere of a drug den. Together with DOP Matan Radin we fulfilled our vision.”



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