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The Coathangers UK Tour Starts Next Week



Next week The Coathangers kick off their European tour in support of new album, The Devil You Know, which was released earlier this year on Suicide Squeeze. To celebrate, the band have shared a new video for one of the album's stand-out tracks, ‘Stranger Danger’.

Vocalist and drummer Stephanie Luke says, “‘Stranger Danger’ is a song about avoiding the negative people in one’s life, like when your mother used to tell you “stranger danger!” so you wouldn’t go off with the bad guys. The video is dark with flashes of light (actual flashlights) to invoke that feeling of the unknown. Then we have our ever so good sport of a friend and album artwork artist/frequent collaborator Scott Montoya, whom we’ve kidnapped and continue to “terrorize” throughout the video, so we in fact have become the dangerous strangers. This was one of our favourites to make with our amazingly talented videographer Matt Odom, enjoy!”

From calling out US gun legislation on ‘F The NRA’ to addressing addiction on ‘Step Back’, The Devil You Know leaves no room to doubt that, ten years in, they're still one of the most vital and truth-seeking punk bands around. The album title stems from an old adage whispered at a friend’s wedding; we settle when we’re afraid of the unknown. It’s a theme that runs through every song on the album, and even though the band insists they were writing songs about other peoples’ pain, they acknowledge that the old saying applies to their band as well. We get comfortable, we get scared, and we refuse to change. But with The Devil You Know, The Coathangers lost their fear, and that allowed them to shed the baggage of the past. “Why are we living in these cells we built for ourselves?” Kugel asks. “That’s been the great thing about this record. It’s been honest and confrontational… but not in a shitty way.”

The Coathangers European live dates:

April 24 - Brighton, England @ The Latest Music Bar

April 25 - London, England @ Studio 9294

April 27 - Leicester, England @ The Cookie

April 28 - Glasgow, Scotland @ SWG Poetry Club

April 29 - Manchester, England @ Soup Kitchen

April 30 - Liverpool, England @ Arts Club (Loft)

May 01 - Leeds, England @ The Key Club



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