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Riskee And The Ridicule Release New Single

Given the current state of the world, anybody would be forgiven for being in a perpetual state of loss. There’s a tangible feeling of confusion, dismay and fracture on any street that leads to a preference for isolation or staring at our own private screens over physical interactions. However, what this often breeds is communities ready to ignite people with an energy to fight the malaise bred by injustice. Enter: Riskee and The Ridicule. A tour-de-force band of politics, protest and punk that practices what they preach and are spearheading such a charge.

Growing up in Kent, the group had always been a staple of the UK DIY scene, but their fervent attitude and unique grime-punk rallied troops of dedicated fans across the world. This die-hard community, the seamless relationship between artist and crowd, is ever-expanding and the reason Riskee and The Ridicule have toured ruthlessly nationwide, across Europe, the USA and are now readying their third studio album, Body Bag Your Scene.

Following the release of explosive first single ‘Kaboom!’ earlier this month, where listeners got their first taste of the forthcoming album’s aural feast, this week finds the band in a more reflective mood with the release of new single ‘In The Dark We Dwell’.

The video directed by the band, is a respectful nod to Keith Flint and anyone suffering from their own internal darkness. In The Dark We Dwell is about gravitating towards self destruction,” explains frontman Scott Picking. “It’s an insight in to the past. It’s about who we used to be and who we are now.”

Catch the band live at Rebellion Festival this August.



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